Georgia Scrap Metal Prices
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Georgia scrap metal prices are constantly fluctuating due to the ever-changing market conditions. As such, it can be difficult for those looking to sell their scrap metal in Georgia to determine what they should expect when selling their materials. Maximize your profits when selling scrap metal in Georgia with this comprehensive guide that provides up-to-date information on current scrap metal prices.

Selling Scrap In Georgia

When you’re selling scrap metal in Georgia, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the current metal prices and get top dollar for your materials. There are a few factors that can change the value of scrap metal such as market prices, type of material, and condition. Thus, before you initiate the selling process of your scrap materials, be sure to know the most updated prices for scrap metal in Georgia so that you can maximize your profits.

Selling Scrap In Georgia

For those who don’t have access to current market prices, it’s important to research what similar metals are being sold for in your area. Make sure to check the prices of materials at local recycling centers and scrap yards so that you can compare them before settling on a price. Additionally, never be afraid to negotiate with a buyer or seller in order to get the most for your materials.

Laws Guiding The Sale Of Scrap Metals In Georgia

Georgia has laws that govern the sale of scrap metals. In order to comply with the law and ensure a safe, secure transaction for all parties involved, it is important to be aware of the regulations.

The Georgia Department of Revenue regulates all scrap metal transactions in the state.

Scrap yards must obtain an annual permit to collect scrap metal from individuals, and any seller must provide valid identification prior to sale.
Additionally, all transactions must be documented with the seller’s name, address and signature as well as a description of the item(s) sold. In addition to providing documentation for each transaction, sellers must inform buyers that payment will not be received until the local law enforcement agency approves the transaction. [1]

Cities In Georgia That Have The Best Scrap Metal Yards

Atlanta – The capital city of Georgia is home to some of the most renowned scrap metal yards in the state. With large amounts of scrap metal being used in the construction and automotive industries, you can be sure to find plenty of great deals here.

Augusta – As one of Georgia’s largest cities, there are a lot of options for scrap metal yards here. Many businesses rely on these yards to source materials for their products, so you’ll find plenty of great deals.

Macon – Home to some of the most competitive scrap metal yards in all of the state, this city offers exceptional prices and a vast array of materials. Plus, it’s conveniently located close to Interstates 75 and 16, so you won’t have to travel far to get there.

Cities In Georgia That Have The Best Scrap Metal Yards

Savannah – This coastal city is home to a number of great scrap metal yards, and their prices are often hard to beat. You’ll find plenty of materials here that can be used for a variety of projects.

Athens – As a city that dates back centuries, you’re sure to come across several excellent scrap metal yards here with prices so competitive, you wouldn’t want to miss out. Many of the businesses and industries in the area rely on these yards to source materials, so you’re sure to get a good deal. [2]

How To Find Scrap Metal Prices In Georgia

To discover scrap metal rates in Georgia, the first step is to investigate all of the diverse types of scrap metallic items accepted by nearby junkyards. Understanding what type of scrap metal you possess is vital before attempting to sell it, whether that be aluminum cans or car parts. Copper wiring and machinery components are also valid examples. By determining the kind of materials you possess, you can discover their scrap metal worth in Georgia – and make an informed decision on what to do next.

An essential step to make some cash off your scrap metal is finding a reliable and trustworthy dealer in the vicinity who will buy it from you. Uncover contact information for scrap yards in Georgia by browsing online or consulting the telephone directory. When speaking with potential customers, it’s important to inquire about their current prices for the various types of scrap metal available.

When you have pinpointed a buyer and settled on a cost, it’s time to coordinate the pickup or delivery of your scrap metal. Securing a written contract for your scrap metal sale ensures you receive the agreed-upon payment, providing clarity and protection against any disputes.

Average Scrap Metal Prices In Georgia

The typical prices for scrap metal in Georgia are as follows:

  • Ferrous metals such as steel and iron have a regular market price of $0.05 – $0.50 per pound, making them incredibly accessible resources to purchase or sell.
  • Non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminum, commonly sell for an average of $1.00 to $2.50 per pound – a great way to make some extra money.
  • The price of stainless steel typically ranges from sixty cents to one dollar and forty cents per pound.
  • Brass is a highly sought-after material, which typically retails for between $1.50 and $3.00 per pound.

Prior to disposing of your scrap metal, it is critical to evaluate the current pricing in your locale. The cost of scrap metal is dependent on the quantity you are selling, its condition and other aspects. [3]

Scrap Aluminium Prices In Georgia

In Georgia, aluminum is one of the most sought-after scrap metal materials. It has an excellent value meaning that you can get good returns when you sell your scrap aluminum.

In Georgia, the average price for aluminum is around $0.30 per pound.
The market conditions often dictate the extent of this variance. The cost of scrap metal can vary, depending on factors such as how in demand it is and the amount of industrial processing that needs to occur in order to refine it.

Scrap Copper Prices In Georgia

Scrap Copper prices in Georgia are generally stable throughout the year, however there can be fluctuations. Global demand is a significant factor in the cost of copper, making prices highly unpredictable. With its lasting durability and recyclability, copper has become a go-to option for scrap metal that is both profitable and sustainable for recycling centers.

Scrap Copper Prices In Georgia

The current average price of scrap copper in Georgia is around $2.50 per pound, though prices can vary based on the current availability and quality. Copper that has been insulated or contains other materials may be priced lower, while pure copper will typically receive a higher price. [4]


What are the latest scrap metal prices?

To discover the current scrap metal prices in Georgia, all you have to do is check out your local scrap metal yard’s website. Each location will list the current prices for common metals such as steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Additionally, most scrap metal yards in Georgia accept a variety of other materials including lead, stainless steel, and many other alloys.

What is the price of aluminum in Georgia?

The current price of aluminum in Georgia is determined by the global market. Aluminum prices have been volatile over the last few years, reaching a multi-year high in April 2021 of $2,117 per metric ton. Prices have since declined to an average of around $1,818/MT as of August 2021. Prices in Georgia typically follow the global trend, although regional supply and demand can affect local aluminum prices slightly.

What’s the price of copper in Georgia?

The price of copper in Georgia varies depending on the grade of the metal and market conditions. Generally, the higher grade of copper that is available, the higher the price will be. Copper scrap prices in Georgia are typically determined by observing daily market trends and comparing them to historical data.

What is the highest-paying scrap metal?

If you’re looking to earn the most money for your scrap metal in Georgia, copper is a prime choice. It can cost as much as $2.90 per pound. Aluminum and brass are also good paying metals, with prices ranging from $0.75 to $2 per pound depending on the current market rate. Steel and iron are usually lower in price, ranging from $0.06 to $0.50 per pound. Tin and aluminum cans can also provide a small income of about $0.35 per pound. Other scrap metals such as lead and zinc may not be found in Georgia, but they can provide higher prices than the other metals if they are available. It’s best to check with your local scrap dealer for specific pricing information. When it comes to non-ferrous metals, copper is definitely the most valuable.

What is the best scrap metal to sell?

In the state of Georgia, the most profitable scrap metals to sell are usually aluminum, copper, and brass. Collecting aluminum cans is a breeze, and can be exchanged for some extra cash at scrap metal yards or recycling centers.

Copper is also a popular choice, as it commands higher prices in the market.
Brass is a frequently used metal in car components, plumbing fixtures and musical instruments alike. It also serves as an essential resource for scrap metal recycling.

Is there money in selling scrap metal?

Yes, absolutely! Generating additional income has never been easier than by selling scrap metal. If you’re seeking to make a lucrative return, consider selling your scrap metal in Georgia – the current prices will surely be beneficial for you! However, it’s essential to stay informed on the current market value of scrap metal before beginning your venture into collecting and selling it. Knowing the prices and what type of metals are worth more can help you maximize your return. Scrap metal comes in various forms such as copper, aluminum, steel, iron, and more.

How many cans make a pound?

It’s difficult to give an exact answer to this question because of the variety of cans utilized in scrap metal recycling. The weight of a can is determined by the type of metal, its thickness and size.

How many cans make a pound?

Generally speaking, though, it takes approximately 30-45 aluminum cans to make one pound. Steel cans, on the other hand, tend to be much heavier and require fewer cans to reach one pound — usually around 20.

What are scrap metal prices in the UK today?

Scrap metal prices in the UK vary, depending on the type of metal being sold and the region in which it is being bought or sold. Steel remains the most popular type of scrap metal and is currently trading at a rate of £150-£200 per tonne, however prices vary depending on the grade and quality of the steel. Aluminum is usually sold at a rate of between £400-£700 per tonne, while copper is trading at around £2,500-£3,000 per tonne.

Is the price of aluminum high or low right now?

The price of aluminum in Georgia is highly dependent on the current market conditions. Generally, scrap metal prices tend to fluctuate with the economic cycle, meaning that markets with higher economic activity tend to drive prices up and vice versa. In recent years, the price of aluminum in Georgia has been relatively stable due to the state’s strong economy. In addition, aluminum prices tend to be higher in coastal areas where supply is limited and demand is high.

What is the price of aluminum per ton?

The price of aluminum per ton in the state of Georgia generally ranges from $300-$400. The exact price typically depends on the market value of aluminum at the time, so prices may fluctuate. Additionally, different types and grades of aluminum can influence the price as well. For example, aluminum cans are typically cheaper than sheets or plates. It’s also important to note that scrap yards may have different pricing for buying and selling aluminum, so it’s best to check with your local scrap yard for an up-to-date quote.

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Georgia’s scrap metal prices remain in line with the nationwide standard. If you’re in the market for selling scrap metal, then rest assured that you’ll get a competitive rate in your state! However, it’s always important to shop around and compare prices from different scrap metal dealers to ensure you get the best deal. Additionally, it’s always wise to check prices on a regular basis, as they can change quickly and unexpectedly.



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