Tulsa Scrap Metal Prices
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Tulsa is a vibrant city with an abundance of culture and history, not to mention some of the most competitive scrap metal prices in America. Whether you’re looking for aluminum cans or copper wire, Tulsa has something for everyone. With its competitive market and wide variety of materials available, Tulsa scrap metal prices are sure to fit your budget. If you’re looking to make some money off your old appliances or other items lying around the house, head over to one of Tulsa’s many scrap yards and see what they can offer!

Selling Scrap in Tulsa

Selling scrap metal in Tulsa is easy! All you need to do is take your items to one of the many local scrap yards, show proof of identification and let them know what type of material it is. The more information you can provide, the better – such as weight, size, grade and any identifying marks.

Selling Scrap in Tulsa

From there, they will be able to assess the material and make you an offer. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the season, so it’s a good idea to shop around and compare what different scrap yards are offering before making your decision.

Tulsa has a wide variety of materials available for purchase, including aluminum cans, copper wire, stainless steel, brass and more.
To get an accurate estimate of scrap metal prices prior to visiting a scrap yard, you can search the internet or give them a call. When selling materials, it’s important to remember that pricing may fluctuate based on supply and demand as well as other factors like location and condition of the material – so it’s best to check current prices before selling. [1]

Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound in Tulsa

Get great rates per pound on all metals when you take your scrap metal to Tulsa, Oklahoma – home of an abundance of trustworthy scrap yards. Whether you have old appliances, scrap from construction projects, or other metals lying around the house, these yards are sure to give you a good price for your junk metal. Finding the right scrap metal yard in Tulsa doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are some of the top-rated ones with their prices per pound for a variety of metals.

  • TMS Recycling: ferrous metals are $0.04/lb, non-ferrous metals are $0.45/lb
  • McBride Metals: ferrous metals are $0.06/lb, non-ferrous metals are $0.30/lb
  • Tulsa Recycling: ferrous metals are $0.03/lb, non-ferrous metals are $0.40/lb
  • Metal Pro: ferrous metals are $0.04/lb, non-ferrous metals are $0.

Where To Sell Scrap Metals in Tulsa

Selling scrap metals in Tulsa can be both a profitable and a rewarding experience.

Where To Sell Scrap Metals in Tulsa

With the right knowledge and resources, you can turn your metal scraps into cash. Here are some of the best places to sell scrap metals in Tulsa:

  • Cash For Junk Cars – This is one of the most popular scrap metal businesses in Tulsa. They specialize in buying and selling cars, but also accept a variety of other scrap metals from customers.
  • Tulsa Scrap Metal Recycling – This full-service metal recycling facility buys scrap metals, including car batteries, aluminum cans, copper wires, and more. They offer competitive prices for their services and have been in business since 1977.
  • Scrap Stop – This family-run scrap metal shop specializes in purchasing copper, aluminum, steel and brass. They also offer an online price guide so you can compare prices for different metals before selling them. [2]

Best Scrap Yards in Tulsa

Search no further! If you’re on the hunt for premier scrap yards in Tulsa, Oklahoma – we’ve got just what you need. From small to large-scale scrap yards, Tulsa is home to a wide array of options that offer unbeatable prices and exceptional services. Whether you’re in search of a dependable recycling center or seeking to buy or sell metals, Tulsa is your go-to destination. Discover the most reliable scrap yards in Tulsa and learn what services they provide.

  • Ace Metals Recycling: Offering cash for all types of metals, from aluminum to copper and brass, Ace Metals Recycling is one of the most reliable scrap yards in Tulsa. Come to us and get the best scrap metal prices in town! Our friendly staff, located just north of downtown, will be more than happy to assist you. In addition, for larger quantities of scrap, they also offer container services.
  • Tulsa Iron & Metal: This family-run scrap yard has been a fixture since 1954, providing amongst the highest payouts for any type of metal ranging from steel and iron. With their knowledgeable staff and convenient location, you can be sure that you’re getting the best price for your scrap.
  • Tulsa Metal Recycling: Providing competitive prices and excellent customer service, Tulsa Metal Recycling has been a staple of the Tulsa community since 1984. [3]

Scrap Copper Prices in Tulsa

Tulsa scrap metal facilities offer some of the most competitive prices for copper in the nation. Current market conditions and regional trends have kept copper prices relatively steady, ranging from $2 to $3 per pound with certain exceptions. As one of the more precious metals, it is paramount that Tulsa citizens secure a competitive price for their scrap copper.

If you’re hoping to maximize your scrap copper profits, it pays off to be up-to-date on current market trends and regional Tulsa copper prices.
With the right quality of copper and favorable market conditions, you could potentially land an outstanding bargain by scoping out multiple facilities. To get the best possible value for your scrap metal, take a few moments to research current market costs online or contact different facilities and compare prices.

Scrap Aluminium Prices in Tulsa

Scrap aluminum prices in Tulsa generally range between $0.25 to $1.50 per pound, depending on the quality and grade of aluminum scrap. The most common grades are UBC, extrusions, clips and radiators, which usually have higher prices compared to other grades like cast or turnings. Prices for these grades can range from $0.75 to $1.50 per pound.

Scrap Aluminium Prices in Tulsa

Aluminum prices in Tulsa are often affected by the global market, as well as local supply and demand. During periods of decreased demand, scrap dealers may drop their prices for aluminum scraps in a bid to reduce storage costs. When international prices rise due to increased demand, this may also push up prices for scrap aluminum in Tulsa.

Scrap Brass Prices in Tulsa

A popular item in the scrap metal world is yellow brass, which contains around 57 percent copper and 43 percent zinc.

Scrap yards are willing to shell out anywhere from $2.00 – $3.50 per pound for the precious metal brass.
Red brass, which has a higher copper content of 85%, earns even more at up to $4.00 per pound.

Leaded brass, which contains a trace of lead, usually sells at a reduced price than other sorts of brass between $1.50 to $2.75 per pound – making it the ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers! [4]


What is the highest-paying scrap metal?

Tulsa is home to some of the most lucrative scrap copper in the nation. With its popularity and its invaluable role as an electrical conductor, copper commands some of the highest prices on the market. Notable scrap metals that deliver remarkable prices include brass, aluminum, stainless steel, lead and various nickel alloys.

Where can I scrap metal in Tulsa, OK?

If you’re searching for the top Tulsa scrap metal prices, there are several spots throughout town that can provide you with outstanding bargains. American Scrap Metal reigns as one of Tulsa’s premier scrap metal recyclers, graciously accepting aluminum, brass, copper and steel for recycling. Moreover, they provide plenty of services that can assist you in ascertaining the worth of your scrap metal and getting the best possible prices.

What is the best thing to scrap for money?

It’s essential to keep abreast of the fluctuating values of Tulsa scrap metal for optimum return, so make sure you’re knowledgeable on today’s marketplace prices. If you’re looking to make some extra money in Tulsa, aluminum and copper are the optimal scrap metals to sell due their higher value compared to other metals. Copper is typically the most profitable scrap metal, so if you have access to considerable amounts of copper it could be beneficial for you to gather and sell it. Aluminum is also a valuable metal and can be found in many different places, from old appliances to electrical wiring.

What time of year are scrap metal prices highest?

The value of scrap metal is constantly shifting and can be unpredictable throughout the year.

What time of year are scrap metal prices highest?

Typically, the most lucrative time to sell scrap metal in Tulsa is during summertime – late July through September. In the summer, when construction and manufacturing activities reach their peak levels, there is a sharp surge in demand for scrap metal.

How much do you get for a pound of steel?

Depending on grade and form, the cost of a pound of steel can vary greatly.  Typically, ferrous metals like iron and steel are the most budget-friendly options compared to non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum which are more valuable. Steel and iron scrap can fetch up to $50 per ton, aluminum siding from $0.35 – 0.50 a pound, and copper has the potential of reaching an incredible price of as much as $2.50 for every single pound. Prices of scrap metal can fluctuate depending on the market and its condition, so it’s wise to be aware of which type you possess for a more precise estimate.

What metal is worth a lot of money?

When it comes to scrap metal, the value of certain metals can exceed that of others. The top metals for scrap value are copper, brass, aluminum, iron and steel – delivering maximum remuneration. As copper is an in-demand material across multiple industries, it remains the most valuable metal. On the other hand, iron and steel are less valued due to their copious availability. Consequently, if there is copper included in any of your scrap metal it would be worth more than other metals. Before you decide to part with your scrap metal, it is wise to examine the present market price first; this could make a significant impact on the sum of money that you receive.

Can you get rich with scrap metal?

If you can locate a valuable and sought-after source of scrap metal, it can prove to be an incredibly profitable business endeavor. Selling scrap metal can be a lucrative business endeavor if done wisely and correctly. To make the most money, you must be aware of up-to-date Tulsa scrap metal prices and understand all varieties of metals.

Does scrapping make good money?

Scrapping metal can be a lucrative source of income, depending on the quantity and caliber of metal scrapped. Be sure to check back regularly, as scrap metal prices in Tulsa are refreshed on a daily basis. Scrappers transport their items to a scrap yard, which evaluates the type and weight of metal before verifying an appropriate price per pound. Depending on the type of metal, market trends, and other influencing factors, prices in Tulsa can fluctuate significantly.

What is the best place to find scrap metal?

If you’re looking for scrap metal, then your best bet is to check out a nearby scrap yard. From various origins, scrap yards possess a comprehensive compilation of metal scraps available to buy. By opting for a local scrap metal dealer, you can not only take advantage of competitively priced items but also enjoy the convenience of buying and collecting your purchase in one easy trip.

What items do scrap metal dealers take?

Scrap metal dealers are known to accept a vast array of metals – from aluminum and copper, to steel and brass, even iron and other non-ferrous materials. Additionally, some dealers are willing to take on electronics, appliances and other items with metal parts. Furthermore, numerous scrap metal dealers also offer services related to demolition and deconstruction. If you have items that are too bulky or complex to take care of by yourself, this can help give you relief.

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In summation, the scrap metal prices in Tulsa provide an extraordinary chance for sellers to add more income. Exploring the scrap metal industry in Tulsa can be a profitable venture, with access to credible suppliers and competitive pricing. When selling scrap metal, it is essential for sellers to stay apprised of their local laws and regulations, in order to remain compliant.


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