Michigan Scrap Metal Prices
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Are you in search of the most competitive scrap metal prices across Michigan? Search no more! We have designed the ultimate directory of all scrap metal yards in Michigan and their corresponding rates, conveniently compiled for you. Whether you are a small-time scrapper or an industrial buyer, this guide will give you insight into what is currently being offered and help you make informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling scrap metals. With our up-to-date information, we’ll ensure that your experience is as easy and profitable as possible. So get ready to start cashing in on your unwanted metals!

Selling Scrap in Michigan

If you’re looking to sell your scrap metal in Michigan, there are several things to consider. To begin, it is critical to determine the type of scrap metal you have and recognize its grade or alloy. Knowing this information will make it easier to identify a buyer who is willing to pay top dollar for your scrap. Secondly, get informed about the scrap metal costs in your locality. Prices can differ significantly from one region to another and even within a city. Lastly, shop around for buyers who offer the best price and have a great reputation.

Selling Scrap in Michigan

From brass, copper and aluminum to stainless steel and ferrous metals – Michigan proudly offers a variety of trusted scrap yards that purchase all types of metal scraps. Once you’ve identified the right buyer, you can negotiate a good price for your scrap.

Also, be sure to ask about any additional services they may offer such as pick up, delivery or payment via check or credit card. [1]

How To Find Scrap Metal Prices In Michigan

Are you searching for the latest scrap metal prices in Michigan? Discovering them is easy with these few simple tips. To ensure you receive the best price possible when buying or selling salvaged metals, it is essential to be informed of current scrap metal prices. If you’re curious about the present scrap metal prices in Michigan, here’s your guide.

First, you can check the websites of scrap metal dealers in your area to find their current prices for various metals. Most dealers post their current prices online, so you should be able to get a good idea of what the going rates are for different types of metal. To get the best scrap metal prices, it’s prudent to contact dealers and inquire about their current rates.

Uncovering the most recent scrap metal prices in Michigan has never been easier than attending regional auctions and festivals. Many dealers will host events where they auction off various metals, so you can get an up-close look at what different metals are worth in your area. You can also talk to other attendees to find out what kind of prices they’ve been getting for their metals.

Best Scrap Yards in Michigan

Here, we list some of the top-rated scrap yards in Michigan.

  • Gleaners Scrap Metal Recycling– At Gleaners Scrap Metal Recycling in Flint, Michigan, customers can always count on getting the most competitive prices for their scrap metal.
  • Michiana Recycling– Michiana Recycling is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan and offers both residential and commercial customers with quality scrap metal recycling services.
  • Michigan Recycling Systems– Michigan Recycling Systems is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is one of the top scrap metal recyclers in the state.
  • Sun Valley Recycling– Sun Valley Recycling is located in Detroit, Michigan and offers customers competitive prices for their scrap metal.
  • Metro Detroit Recycling- Metro Detroit Recycling is one of the oldest scrap metal recyclers in the state of Michigan. [2]

Laws Guiding The Sale Of Scrap Metals In Michigan

The sale of scrap metals in Michigan is regulated by a set of state laws that are intended to protect the buyers and sellers involved. These laws are designed to ensure that all parties receive fair value for the scrap metal they purchase or sell.

Laws Guiding The Sale Of Scrap Metals In Michigan

Michigan’s Scrap Metal Processing Regulation Act is the most essential piece of legislation governing scrap metal sales in the state. This act requires all scrap metal buyers to obtain proper licensing before they can buy, process, or sell scrap metals. The license is obtained from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, who ensure that all buyers abide by a set of standards, including safety protocols and record-keeping requirements.

Average Scrap Metal Prices In Michigan

With the Great Lakes nearby and a prominent industrial base, Michigan is one of the top states in America for scrap metal recycling. This implies that scrap metal rates in Michigan are usually higher than those across the nation.

The most common types of metals recycled in Michigan are aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. Each of these metals have their own prices that fluctuate with the markets.

Aluminum is one of the least valuable metals and is typically priced between $0.50 – $1.00 per pound in Michigan. Copper is a more valuable metal with pricing from $2.25 – $2.50 per pound and brass is valued at around the same range with prices from $1.75 – $2.25 per pound. Steel is the most valuable of all the metals with prices ranging from $0.05 – $0.50 per pound. [3]

Scrap Copper Prices In Michigan

Scrap copper prices in Michigan vary based on a variety of factors such as the grade and quality of copper scrap, the type of copper (bare bright, insulated copper wire, etc.), market conditions and more.

Scrap Copper Prices In Michigan

Among all types of scrap copper, bare bright copper holds the most value and thus fetch higher prices per pound than other varieties such as insulated copper. Insulated copper wire typically yields the lowest scrap metal value given its associated cost in removing the insulation.

Scrap Aluminium Prices In Michigan

Michigan scrap metal prices for aluminum are some of the most competitive in the country. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on earth, so it’s no surprise that prices for scrap aluminum in Michigan remain relatively low.

The current value of scrap aluminum in Michigan is $0.30 to $0.50 per pound, depending on the grade and quality of the material.
The price can also be affected by fluctuations in the commodities markets. [4]


How much is scrap lead in Michigan?

Scrap lead prices in Michigan can vary depending on the market, but typically range between $0.30 – $0.50 per pound. Prices may also differ depending on the form of scrap lead, such as sheet lead, wheel weights, and other forms.

What is the most valuable scrap metal right now?

Prices of scrap metal fluctuate drastically depending on its form, grade and the place of sale. Generally speaking, copper is considered to be the most valuable scrap metal. Copper prices have been on the rise in recent years and as such, it typically commands a higher price than other metals. Aluminum is also valuable, but its price is often much lower than copper. Other scrap metals such as iron, steel, brass and bronze can also be sold, but the prices will generally be much lower than those of copper or aluminum. It is essential to take the time to look into scrap metal pricing in your local area before you sell off any scrap metal.

Do you need a license to scrap metal in Michigan?

Are you planning to buy or sell scrap metal for a financial return in Michigan? If so, it is mandatory that you obtain the “secondary metals recycler” license with the Michigan Department of Transportation. This includes scrap metal yards and businesses, as well as individuals who buy or sell scrap metal for profit. To obtain a license, applicants must submit an application and pay a $100 fee. They must also meet certain requirements, such as providing proof of insurance, maintaining a surety bond, and undergoing a criminal background check.

Are metal prices still going up?

The metal prices have been steadily increasing for a few years now. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, most scrap metal prices in the state have increased an average of 2.5%-5% each year since 2015. As metal prices are projected to go up in the upcoming years, it is imperative to stay informed of the most current scrap metal rates in Michigan.

How much are catalytic converters worth in Michigan?

The price of catalytic converters in Michigan can vary significantly depending on the type and condition of the converter. Generally, scrap metal dealers will pay about $15 to $100 for a catalytic converter, though some may offer more. The cost of a catalytic converter with precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium may be higher than usual. If you have a catalytic converter with these metals inside, it could be worth several hundred dollars. Prior to selling a catalytic converter, make sure you take the time to learn its price and value in order to receive an equitable sum for your scrap. If you’re looking for the latest pricing information on catalytic converters in Michigan, there are numerous online resources that can provide it.

How much is a ton of lead?

The cost of a ton of lead fluctuates based on market value and the type of scrap metal merchant you are working with. Generally speaking, a ton of lead scrap metal can range from $400-$800. For example, in Detroit Michigan, the price for lead wheel weights or lead shot ranges from $400 – $600 per ton.

How much is a ton of lead?

Lead bricks, on the other hand, range from $850 to as much as $1,000 per ton. As with most scrap metal, the price of lead is based on supply and demand. The more in demand, the higher the price may be.

How many pop cans make a pound?

The amount of pop cans that make a pound depends on the size and type of cans. Generally, it takes about 30 aluminum cans to equal a pound, and slightly fewer steel cans. For example, if you have standard 12 ounce soda cans, it will take about 24 to make a pound. However, if you have larger 16 ounce energy drink cans, it will take closer to 20 of them to equal one pound. The heavier the can, the fewer cans it will take to make a pound.

What is the most profitable thing to scrap?

The most profitable thing to scrap in Michigan will depend on the type of metal and current market prices.

Copper is, without a doubt, the most profitable scrap metal to recycle, with aluminum coming in at a close second.
Other metals such as brass, aluminum cans, and stainless steel are also commonly recycled for profit in Michigan.

Can you get rich with scrap metal?

The answer to this question depends on how much you’re willing to put into it. Collecting and selling scrap metal can be a lucrative way to generate an income – if done correctly, it may even result in financial success. Nevertheless, before entering the scrap metal market, you must carefully consider a number of factors. When it comes to evaluating cost, one of the principal determinants is the price of scrap metal in Michigan. The cost of scrap metal in Michigan is not standard and can fluctuate depending on the type and quality of the material being sold. Copper, for example, can fetch a much higher price than aluminum, while stainless steel may be valued more than iron. Additionally, you will likely get a better price if the scrap is clean and free of rust or other contaminants.

What are the 5 most profitable things to recycle?

Aluminum cans: recycling aluminum cans is a great way to generate a healthy income, since their value-to-weight ratio is quite high and they can be recycled many times over.

Copper: with its sky-high value and effortless recyclability, copper is one of the most sought-after metals for recycling.

Steel: steel is another valuable metal that can be easily recycled and sold for cash. With steel being heavier than other metals, you are rewarded with a higher reimbursement rate per pound when recycling.

Computers and electronics: these items have a lot of components that contain valuable metals. Even broken or obsolete electronics can be recycled for parts, so they’re very profitable to recycle.

Appliances: valuable commodities such as copper wiring and aluminum can be found in outdated appliances like fridges, stoves, ACs and washers.

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In conclusion, scrap metal prices in Michigan vary based on the type of metal being sold and the market conditions. Prices can fluctuate significantly depending on the supply and demand of the metal, as well as other factors such as economic conditions. Consequently, it is essential to stay in the loop of current market trends and prices to gain maximum benefit from selling your scrap metal. Keeping track of the current Michigan scrap metal prices can help you maximize your profits and make the most of your scrap metal sales.


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