Chicago Scrap Metal Prices
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Are you in Chicago and searching for the most cost-effective prices on scrap metal? We can help. At Chicago Scrap Metal Prices, we are your ultimate source for accurate and up-to-date scrap metal pricing. We have the most recent market rates for every kind of scrap metals you can think of. Whether you’re a hobbyist or an industrial business, our website provides resources to ensure that you are getting the most out of your scrap metals. Our team is also available to answer any questions and provide additional guidance when needed.

How to Find Scrap Metal Prices in Chicago

Uncovering the true value of scrap metal in Chicago is a relatively simple process. First, research the types of metals you have and their current market value.

How to Find Scrap Metal Prices in Chicago

Knowing the common grade, type, and weight of your scrap metals will help determine the approximate value. Next, locate a local dealer or recycling center to get an accurate estimate for what you should be receiving for your metals.

If you’re looking for the best deal, there are several online sources that can assist in comparing prices from different vendors so you don’t have to.

Who To Sell Scrap Metal To in Chicago

If you find yourself with scrap metal to unload in Chicago, have no fear – there’s an answer! Fortunately, you can depend on certified and licensed scrap metal buyers to ensure the best remuneration for your investment. If you’re in Chicago and looking for the best places to sell your scrap metal, check out this list of top spots.

  • Rabaut Metals: For nearly seven decades, Rabaut Metals has been a leader in the scrap metal recycling industry, delivering comprehensive services to our customers.
  • Urban Metal: Urban Metal is an environmentally conscious recycler located in the heart of Chicago. Our company offers highly competitive rates for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.
  • CSR Metals: CSR Metals is a privately owned, third generation family business that has been around for more than 75 years. At our scrap metal business, we provide unbeatable rates and complimentary pick up in the Chicago area. [1]

Average Scrap Metal Prices in Chicago

The rate of aluminum scrap in Chicago is fluctuating at the moment, yet hovers around an expenditure of $0.75 per pound based on both grade and quality.

Copper scrap typically goes for an average of $2.50 per pound while brass sells for an average price of $1.25 per pound in Chicago scrap yards.
Steel and iron scrap can bring in anywhere from $0.05 to $0.30 per pound, depending on the type of material being sold. [2]

How to Calculate the Weight of Your Car

Here’s how to calculate the weight of your car:

  • Gather your materials. You will need a reliable scale or weighing device, as well as the car’s manufacturer specs (including curb weight). If you don’t have access to these specs, most dealerships can provide them for free.
  • Place the car on the scale or weighing device. Make sure to place it in an empty area so that nothing interferes with its weight measurement.
  • Take a reading of the car’s weight and record it. To calculate the sum of scrap metal, deduct the vehicle’s curb weight (manufacturer-specified) from your total found number.
  • Take your scrap metal to a nearby recycling center or dealer and utilize their present prices for the kind of metal you are selling so that you can accurately determine how much money you will receive. [3]

Best Scrap Yards in Chicago

If you’re looking for the best scrap yards in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Scrap Yards in Chicago

Scrap metal prices vary from yard to yard, so finding a reliable source of scrap metal can be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top-rated scrap yards in and around Chicago that offer great prices and variety.

For starters, consider checking out Chicago Scrap & Metal Recycling. Boasting more than seven decades of success, this family-owned scrap metal recycling company remains a mainstay in the industry with no signs of slowing down. At their facility, they provide the best prices for an array of scrap metals – from iron to aluminum, copper to brass and stainless steel. You can also count on them to take all sorts of scrap metal, from old electronics and appliances to auto parts.

Another great option is Midwest Recyclers Inc. Specializing in the acquisition and sale of scrap metals, they provide prompt payments for your metal items. Their inventory of non-ferrous metals is impressive, boasting copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. They also accept household appliances, electronics and auto parts.

Finally, consider checking out Red Star Recycling. Welcome to our scrap metal recycling center! We are proud to provide a bevy of services, from acquiring and selling scrap metals, to repurposing all sorts of materials. They offer competitive prices on all sorts of metals as well as a comprehensive range of other recyclable materials. [4]


What is the highest price for scrap metal?

Depending on the type of metal and current market rates, the cost of scrap metal can fluctuate greatly. Typically, copper and aluminum are the most profitable scrap metal commodities to recycle while steel and iron fetch far less of a return. Prices for metals such as brass, lead, and stainless steel fall somewhere in between copper and steel. For example, in Chicago, the average price of copper as of May 2021 is $3.19 per pound, while the average price for steel is $106 per ton.

What is the price of copper in Chicago?

The current price of copper in Chicago is approximately $3.22 per pound. This pricing can fluctuate from day-to-day, depending on the current market conditions. However, scrap metal prices for other metals like aluminum, steel, and iron are also available to view at most recycling centers throughout the city.

What is the price of copper in Chicago?

If you reside in Chicago and are eager to part with your scrap metal, it’s critical to be aware of current market prices so that you receive the most beneficial negotiation. In the Windy City, copper, aluminum, steel and iron are among the most popular metals that get recycled. Due to its extensive applications, copper’s cost is liable to vary drastically.

What is the best thing to scrap for money?

The best items to scrap for money in Chicago depend on a variety of factors, including the current market prices, availability and condition. Generally speaking, aluminum cans and copper are always in demand and often bring the highest prices. Other popular items to scrap for cash include stainless steel, brass, and insulated copper wire. Some metal recyclers will even buy old car parts and batteries, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the services of each facility. Be sure to call ahead to inquire about the current prices and availability of specific metals.

How much do you get for a pound of steel?

The price of steel at scrap metal yards in Chicago varies depending on the type and grade of steel being sold. On average, individuals in Chicago can expect to receive between 45 and 10 cents per pound of scrap steel. However, some grades of steel may fetch higher or lower prices. Before heading to a scrap yard with your steel, take the time to understand the current market rates of that particular type of metal so you can snag top dollar for it.

Are aluminum prices still high?

Aluminum prices have been on a rollercoaster ride over the last few years. As of April 2021, aluminum prices in Chicago scrap metal markets have been relatively stable, hovering around $0.68 per pound.

It’s important to note that prices can vary greatly depending on market conditions and the type of aluminum scrap being sold, so it’s always advisable to check current prices with a local scrap metal yard before selling.
Overall, aluminum prices remain relatively high and are expected to stay at least somewhat stable in the near future.

How much is scrap aluminum per pound in Illinois?

The average price of scrap aluminum per pound in Illinois is around $0.38 – $0.44 USD/pound. This price can vary depending on many factors, such as the quality of the aluminum and where you are located geographically. Additionally, scrap yards may offer different prices for bulk and smaller orders. Shopping around and comparing prices at various scrap yards is your key to obtaining the most favorable price for your aluminum scraps.

How many cans make a pound?

To achieve one pound of scrap metal, the amount of cans needed depends on their size and weight. It typically takes thirty empty aluminum cans to yield one pound of scrap metal. Steel cans require a bit more, usually around 32-34 cans per pound. It’s important to note that crushed cans will weigh less than uncrushed cans, so the exact number of cans per pound can vary. Also, heavier cans such as paint or aerosol cans will weigh more than a standard 12-ounce beverage can. Knowing the factors which influence your scrap metal prices in Chicago is key to getting a good pay-out when you decide to sell.

Can you get rich with scrap metal?

The answer is yes, you can get rich with scrap metal. Chicago has always been a great place to find scrap metal due to its large industrial and manufacturing presence in the area. Prices of scrap metal often vacillate due to the state of the market, yet they tend to be above average compared to other regions.

Can you get rich with scrap metal?

This means that if you have access to the right scrap metal resources and you understand how to price items correctly, you could make a decent profit from collecting and selling scrap metal in Chicago.

What metal is worth a lot of money?

The value of scrap metal depends on several factors, including the type of metal, condition, quantity and market demand. Generally speaking, higher-grade metals such as copper and stainless steel are worth more money than lower grade metals like aluminum or brass. Copper and aluminum are both in high demand because they can be recycled to make new products, so their scrap values tend to be high. Precious metals like stainless steel, brass and bronze are highly sought-after due to their scarcity in the market. Steel is a commonly recycled material, yet it’s worth fluctuates based on the kind of steel being repurposed. Ferrous metal (iron or steel) is usually worth less than non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper, etc.).

What are the 5 most profitable things to recycle?

  • Aluminum Cans: Aluminum cans offer a great return when recycled due to their high value and low weight. In Chicago, aluminum cans can fetch up to $0.60 per pound, which is equivalent to about $1.20 for every kilogram.
  • Steel and Tin Cans: Steel and tin cans can be quite valuable when recycled, boasting prices as high as $0.10/pound or $0.20/kilogram in Chicago’s scrap metal market.
  • Copper Wire: Copper wire is one of the most sought after materials for recycling, due to its high value and wide range of applications. In Chicago scrap metal prices, copper wire can fetch up to $2.50 per pound or $5.00 per kilogram.
  • Lead: Lead is a highly valuable material, and can be worth up to $0.45 per pound or $0.90 per kilogram in Chicago scrap metal prices.
  • Stainless Steel: Despite not being as valuable as other metal materials, stainless steel still yields a substantial return upon recycling. In the Chicago area, stainless steel scrap commands an impressive rate of $0.25 per pound or a staggering $0.50 per kilogram. Recycling these five materials can be incredibly profitable and help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Useful Video: Cozzi Recycling Chicago Scrap Metal Recycling Tour


The Chicago scrap metal market is a vibrant and competitive one. Prices are constantly fluctuating, so it is important to stay informed on current prices in order to ensure you get the best deal when selling or buying scrap metal. In addition, there are numerous factors that may influence the price of scrap metal such as its condition, quantity, and grade. With all of these considerations, it is important to do research and compare prices from different scrap metal dealers in order to get the best value for your purchase or sale. By doing so, you will be able to maximize your profits and minimize any potential losses when dealing with scrap metals in the Chicago market.



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