Nebraska Scrap Metal Prices
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If you want to make some extra cash by selling scrap metal in Nebraska, it’s crucial that you stay on top of current prices for different metals. Knowing what your scrap is worth can help you maximize your profits and ensure that you get a fair price for your items. To ensure you receive maximum value for your scrap metals, we have compiled an overview of the average prices in Nebraska.

Selling Scrap in Nebraska

In Nebraska, aluminum is a ubiquitous type of scrap metal that’s consistently sought after for sale. This lightweight metal can be found in cans, frames, and wiring.

Selling Scrap in Nebraska

On average, aluminum fetches around $0.37 per pound. Copper prices tend to fluctuate quite a bit but generally range from $2 to $4 per pound in Nebraska. Brass is another popular scrap metal and brings in around $1.50 per pound on average. Steel is a bit less valuable and usually sells for $0.10 to $0.25 per pound, while stainless steel can bring in up to double that amount at $0.40 per pound.

How To Find Scrap Metal Prices In Nebraska

If you’re aiming to capitalize on scrap metal recycling, identifying the top prices for scrap metal in Nebraska is essential. The price of scrap metal can fluctuate dramatically according to its variety, quality and geographical area. To reap the highest returns from scrap metal recycling, it is crucial to monitor current market fluctuations and identify places that offer the most profitable prices.

To stay abreast of scrap metal pricing information in Nebraska, the most convenient option is to tap into online resources like websites and forums dedicated specifically for this purpose.
Stay up-to-date on scrap metal costs throughout Nebraska with Scrap Metal Prices USA! Our daily reports cover Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Kearney and North Platte – providing the latest information you need to maximize your profits. [1]

Best Scrap Yards in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to many great scrap yards that offer competitive prices for scrap metals. From Omaha and Grand Island in the East, North Platte in central Nebraska and Scottsbluff in the far West, there are excellent opportunities for you to get top dollar for your unwanted metal.

Best Scrap Yards in Nebraska

Here is a list of some of the best scrap yards in Nebraska:

  • Big Boys Scrap Metal & Recycling – Located in Omaha, this is a family owned operation that offers competitive prices and excellent customer service. This establishment happily accepts ferrous and non-ferrous metals alike.
  • Recycle World – This company has multiple locations in Nebraska and offers great prices for your scrap metals. They accept ferrous and non-ferrous items, as well as many other materials such as aluminum, copper, brass and iron.
  • Ace Metals – This company is based in Grand Island and specializes in buying all types of scrap metal. They offer fair market value for all metals including aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel. [2]

Laws Guiding The Sale Of Scrap Metals In Nebraska

The sale of scrap metal in Nebraska is regulated by the state’s legislative body. In order to lawfully operate a scrap metal business, dealers must acquire the necessary permit and comply with all pertinent regulations. It is illegal for anyone, including individuals or businesses, to buy or sell any type of scrap metal without being properly licensed. State laws also prohibit purchasing scrap metals from persons under the age of eighteen, or any stolen scrap metal.

To comply with Nebraska regulations, all scrap metal dealers in the state must document and track their transactions. These records should include the date and time of purchase, the seller’s name and address, a description of the material purchased, the price paid for the material, and any other identifying information.

Average Scrap Metal Prices In Nebraska

Scrap metal prices can vary significantly in Nebraska, depending on the type of metal being recycled and the current market conditions. It is essential to be informed of the current Nebraska scrap metal prices so you can maximize your profits when selling off your metals.

Average Scrap Metal Prices In Nebraska

Here are some of the average prices for different kinds of scrap metals in Nebraska as of 2022:

  • Aluminum: $0.40 – $0.60 per lb
  • Copper: $2.80 – $3.25 per lb
  • Brass: $1.50 – $2.00 per lb
  • Steel: $130 – $170 per ton
  • Lead:$1.10 – $1.30 per lb
  • Stainless Steel: $0.50 – $0.65 per lb [3]

Scrap Copper Prices In Nebraska

The value of scrap copper in Nebraska is contingent on its form, condition and the demand from local recycling centers. Primarily, four varieties of copper exist: bare bright (unburned), insulated wire, plate & structural, and brass/bronze scrap.

In Nebraska, the most valuable type of copper scrap is Bare Bright Copper, and it can be worth anywhere from an impressive $2.30 to a remarkable $4.50 per pound.
Insulated Wire carries a competitive price tag compared to the standard bare bright copper, generally ranging from $1.60 – $3.00 per pound. Plate and Structural Copper ranges from $1.20 – $2.90 per pound. Finally, Brass and Bronze scrap is typically priced between $0.80 – $2.00 per pound in Nebraska.

Scrap Aluminium Prices In Nebraska

Scrap aluminum prices in Nebraska vary depending on the type and amount of material being sold. Common types of scrap aluminum include aluminum cans, transformers, radiators, siding, and other breakage. Prices range from around 60 cents per pound for low grade aluminum to $1.50 per pound for high grade materials. [4]


What is the highest-paying scrap metal?

In Nebraska, copper commands the highest rate when it comes to scrap metal. Desired for its abundance of applications, including plumbing and wiring, copper is the most valuable metal by weight. Copper can be found in many different items, such as electrical wires and cables, radiators, and air conditioners.

What are scrap prices in Utah?

The scrap prices in Utah vary from place to place and can depend on the type of material you are looking to sell. Staying up-to-date with the current pricing information of your local scrap yard or recycler is essential. Generally, the state averages for common metals such as aluminum, copper, and steel are similar to those in Nebraska. Nevertheless, certain materials may be more expensive in some locations. For instance, aluminum cans are worth more in Utah than Nebraska because of the elevated demand from regional producers. Moreover, if you have a massive stockpile of scrap material, numerous recyclers and salvage yards may be more than willing to negotiate an improved price compared to their publicly listed prices.

What are the latest scrap prices?

The latest scrap prices for Nebraska vary greatly depending on the type of metal and where it’s located. Cost-wise, ferrous metals like steel and iron tend to be more affordable than non-ferrous ones such as aluminum and copper. Prices also fluctuate based on market demand, so it is important to check current trends before making a scrap metal purchase or sale.

What are the latest scrap prices?

In Nebraska, scrap metal can be highly profitable. Aluminum cans usually go for about $0.50/lb., copper wires or cables are valued at around $2.00/lb., and steel and iron fetch an average of $100 a ton. Additionally, there are a variety of other metals available at different prices, including stainless steel, brass and lead. When shopping for scrap metal prices in Nebraska, it is important to compare prices between local scrap dealers to ensure the best deal.

How much is stainless steel worth?

The value of stainless steel scrap can be contingent on its grade and condition, making it difficult to determine its precise worth. Nebraska has witnessed a remarkable rise in the prices of stainless steel, with 304-grade selling for about $0.50 per pound and 316-grade topping off at an impressive $1.00 or higher. Other grades such as 409 or 430 may be worth less, so it is important to identify the grade of scrap material before selling.

Can you get rich with scrap metal?

Scrap metal prices in Nebraska can provide an opportunity to make a little extra money, but getting rich off of scrap metal is not likely. The reality is that when you factor in the cost of labor and transportation, it’s difficult to turn a decent profit from scrap metal collecting. It’s important to note that the current market prices for scrap metal are not always reflective of what you can actually get when you sell it. Additionally, some metals may have a higher value at certain times due to demand or other factors.

If you’re contemplating entering Nebraska’s scrap metal industry, it is critical to study the market thoroughly, acquire proper equipment, and factor in labor expenses and transportation costs before taking that leap.
A great way to begin is by exploring Nebraska scrap metal rates. Knowing the current market values for various metals can help you determine what type of metals are most valuable in your area and when it’s best to sell them.

What metal is worth a lot of money?

Compared to non-precious metals, the scrap prices of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum often bring in much higher returns. Gold is currently worth around $50 USD per gram, platinum is worth around $34 USD per gram, and silver is worth around $0.45 USD per gram. In comparison, steel can be worth as little as $0.06 per pound, while copper is worth around $2.50 per pound. Other non-precious metals like aluminum and brass are generally worth somewhere between these two benchmarks. In Nebraska, scrap metal recyclers are highly attuned to the skyrocketing value of precious metals and make it their mission to scour the area for these materials so they can be resold.

Which country buys the most scrap metal?

The response to this query depends on the kind of scrap metal being referred to. The United States is the world’s largest importer of ferrous scrap metal, while China is the largest importer of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper. In terms of Nebraska specifically, China purchases the majority of their scrap metal exports from the state. China is Nebraska’s primary trading partner, with around $3 billion worth of exports being shipped from the state to the country in 2019 alone. This has allowed Nebraska scrap metal prices to remain relatively high, as Chinese demand for these items continues to increase.

What does 2 copper look like?

2 copper is a type of scrap metal that consists of two distinct types of copper. The first type is known as Bare Bright Copper, which is 99% pure or higher and has no oxidation. It can be identified by its yellow-orange color and shining surface. 2 Copper is the second category of scrap copper, made up of miscellaneous unalloyed copper that typically has a lower quality than Bare Bright Copper. It contains oxidation and other types of impurities. Two copper may be identified by its reddish or brownish color. Prices for Bare Bright Copper and 2 Copper at scrap metal recycling centers constantly fluctuate based on the current market values.

Can you burn copper wire to strip it?

No, burning copper wire will not only damage and reduce its value but is also dangerous. Burning the insulation off of copper wire produces hazardous fumes that can be inhaled and cause serious health problems. Instead of ruining it, employ a meticulously designed tool such as wire stripper to efficiently remove the insulation and protect your scrap copper wire’s worth.

Is it worth stripping copper wire?

If you have some old copper wire lying around, don’t let it go to waste. Strip it and get the scrap value for your efforts! Copper is one of the most sought-after scrap metals, and Nebraska’s prices are amongst the top in America. The current price per pound for copper wire in Nebraska as of 2021 is around $2.50. That means if you have 10 pounds of copper wire, you could make $25 dollars in scrap value. Stripping copper wire can be a tedious task but it’s worth the effort for the potential financial reward.

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Nebraska scrap metal prices are competitive with the national averages and offer a great opportunity to save money when selling your scrap. With such a range of metals on the market, it is essential to be conscious of their current values in order to guarantee that you acquire the best deal available. Nebraskans can maximize the return of their scrap metal when they carefully assess and compare each local scrap yard. Moreover, various services and organizations exist to assist individuals in discovering how to recycle properly as well as where they can obtain the highest prices for scrap metal. By recycling responsibly, Nebraskans have the unique opportunity to do their part in protecting our environment while also reaping the benefits of excellent scrap metal prices.



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