5 Best Aluminum Wheel Polishes
5 Best Aluminum Wheel Polishes
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Mothers 05101
Leaves A Brilliant Shine
Gentle Enough To Use On A Regular Basis
Easy To Use
Chemical Guys 10616
Water-Based, Body Shop Safe
For All Clear Coat Or Single Stage Paints
One-step High Gloss Polish
Rolite Metal Polish Paste
Minimum Slinging Formula
Safe For All Painted Metal Surfaces
3M 09020 Restorer
Double-Duty Formula
Formulated Specifically For Aluminum
Enhances Luster
Adam's Metal Polish
Restores All Metal Surfaces
Argets, Polishes Metal Surfaces And Finishes
For Chrome And Stainless Steel

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An aluminum wheel polish is a product that will restore your wheels to an as-new condition after they have been exposed to the elements over time. It removes brake dust, rust, and corrosion from the surface of your alloy rims which improves their appearance dramatically.

There are different options for you such as using strong chemicals on them or polishing with abrasives in order to get rid of all marks left by oxidation.

Aluminum wheels are the standard type of wheel on many modern cars, but they have a tendency to tarnish quickly. Regular polishing is necessary for keeping them looking shiny and new. It’s not just about looks either – aluminum wheels that aren’t regularly polished can become corroded and start to rot, leading to expensive repairs. To help you out with all your questions about aluminum wheel care, the experts have put together this guide!

Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish – the Editor’s choice!

Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish is a miraculous product that can turn your nasty car into a brand new one in just seconds. It is so easy to use and will provide you with the perfect protection during any weather condition, from harsh cold or brutal heat alike.

This product has been tested against abrasive surfaces and found to have little effect on the original paint. Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish will also protect your paint job while washing dirt off it.

Made with quality ingredients, this car care product along with a cleaning cloth and easy-to-use applicator brush can be safe to use on both clear coats and paint surfaces.

  • Quick action;
  • Protects the car’s exterior paint;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Gentle yet effective;
  • Easy to use;
  • Long-term effect;

  • Small volume;
  • Not recommended for chrome plating;
  • Not sealed properly;

Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish is an easy-to-use polish that can help keep your car looking gorgeous. Use it every other day or so to keep your car shiny without overdoing it.

Chemical Guys Gap All-in-One Polish – the best universal remedy!

Chemical Guys Gap All-In-One polish is an easy-to-use car polish that quickly removes light scratches, key scratches, and most imperfections. It’s so effective in restoring shine or color it works great as a hand polish. You can get the job done with this universal remedy because it comes with heat shrunk to minimize any spilling.

Chemical Guy’s personal formula for polishing works on all car surfaces including paintwork, powder-coated metal, glass-fiber reinforced plastic (PFR) panels of all types, chrome trim molding of all types without scratching or pitting of clear coat!

This polish also protects your vehicle’s surface from dirt and pet hair that can degrade its quality. You can count on this polish for its ease of use as well: just apply with a microfiber cloth or sponge pad and watch as swirls disappear in less than two minutes!

  • Good for removing light scratches;
  • Resorts original color and shine;
  • Decent volume;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Works as a polisher and sealant;
  • Heat shrunk for minimum spilling;

  • May not cope with some key scratches;
  • The directions are written in Spanish;
  • Too runny for some users;

The Chemical Guys Gap All-in-One Polish is a product for those of you who also want the absolute perfect shine and sealant on their aluminum wheels.

Rolite RMP1# Metal Polish Paste – the best for odor-free formula!

This Rolite metal polish can clean and protect your metal objects from tarnishing, oxidation stains, and light scratches. This acid-free formula will leave a protective coating that prevents the metal from brightening or oxidizing over time.

Designed for this exact purpose, Rolite METAL Polish’ non-toxic and neutral pH formula can be used on aluminum, brass, bronze (plus other metals), bringing out their original luster without fear of any discolorations.

Quickly delivering professional finishes but formulated to be odor-, silicone-, and acid-free, meaning you won’t damage painted surfaces like those found in kitchens, etc., this polish doesn’t cause any ill effects such as yellowing or loss of shine as abrasives polishes

  • Doesn’t produce any toxic smell;
  • Safe to use on any painted surfaces;
  • Removes light scratches;
  • Acid-free and silicone-free;
  • Besides aluminum it can be used on brass, bronze, chrome, gold, nickel;

  • Won’t cope with some scratches on stainless steel;
  • Food safe;
  • Not a good remedy to be a rim polisher;
  • Not recommended for plated metals;

Rolite RMP-1# Metal Polish Paste is a product with an end mission – to protect your metals from tarnish. The benefits of this one-stop-shop protective coating are apparent upon first use – with only a light amount applied you’ll immediately notice the shine!

3M Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish – the best for removing heavy oxidation!

This product is formulated specifically for aluminum so rest assured this won’t scratch it. Restore and polish boat hardware, trim, or hulls! This will remove heavy oxidation and chalking from water, sun, and weather to reveal a manufactured fresh-like shine.

DAn economical formula means you don’t have to use as much material as other brands, but it still leaves a brilliant gleam. It’s a great investment because the same bottle can also be used on boats or fishing gear since they both use metal components.

  • Good to remove heavy oxidation and chalking from the sun, water, and weather;
  • Can be recommended to restore and polish marine hardware;
  • Improves original luster;
  • Concentrated 2-in-1 formula;

  • Not recommended for matter or anodized aluminum;
  • Won’t cope with black streaks;

With some 3M Marine Aluminum Restorer & Polish, you can clean away rust stains from trails of saltwater while restoring a wet appearance to your aluminum fishing or pontoon boats.

Adam’s Metal Polish Complete Kit – the best for the finish polishing!

Specializing in chrome and stainless steel, this Adam’s Metal Polish complete kit contains everything you need to keep all of your shiny bits shining bright! Whether it’s surface imperfections or light stains from oxidation, we’ve got you covered with Alumnae Oxide micro-scale abrasives paired with gentle cleaners for safe use on any metal.

It is the best metal polish for when you need to remove surface oxidation, stains, and the occasional fingerprint. This rust-resistant formula is truly impressive on surfaces of stainless steel and brass while protecting chrome and raw aluminum from further attack.

  • Good for restoration of all metal surfaces;
  • Exceptionally great for stainless steel and chrome finishes;
  • Removes oxidation and light stains;
  • Can be used for raw aluminum surfaces;

  • Not recommended for any stained aluminum;
  • Won’t always remove “water spots”;

This two-part system uses micro-scale abrasives and specially formulated solutions to clean, polish, and protect metals surfaces against future oxidation and stains.

Useful Video: Mothers VS Black Magic! Which Aluminum polish works better?

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