San Antonio Scrap Metal Prices
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Are you searching for the best scrap metal rates in San Antonio? Look no further! To make sure you stay ahead of the game and get top dollar for your scrap, it is essential to always be aware of the fluctuating metal prices. At ABC Recycling, we offer you the most up-to-date scrap metal pricing information in San Antonio and its vicinity. With our detailed list of prices, you can make informed decisions to maximize your returns. We make sure our customers receive the best value for their scrap metals by providing them with accurate and reliable pricing information.

Selling Scrap In San Antonio

When it comes to disposing of scrap metal in San Antonio, there are some key things you need to be aware of. First off, it’s important to know the current market rate for your desired material. Once you have that information, you need to determine where and how much of the material you have so that you can get an accurate quote from a scrap metal dealer.

Selling Scrap In San Antonio

In San Antonio, there are many reputable and reliable scrap metal dealers who offer competitive prices for your recyclable materials. When you’re ready to sell your scrap metals, it’s best to contact several dealers in the area and compare their rates. To maximize your scrap metal profits, you’ll need to ensure that you get the most advantageous deal available. [1]

Different Types Of Metals That Can Be Scrapped In San Antonio

San Antonio is a city that provides great potential for scrap metal recycling. There are many different types of metals that can be recycled in the area, including aluminum, copper, iron, and steel.

Aluminum is one of the most valuable and popular scrap metals to recycle due to its lightweight nature and the fact that it is extremely durable. It can be found in cans, appliances, and other household items. Aluminum scrap is usually sorted into two categories – clean or unclean. Clean aluminum will fetch a higher price than the unclean variety due to its ability to be more easily recycled.

San Antonio is renowned for recycling copper, as it’s an incredibly desirable metal. Copper has a high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for many applications. It can often be found in wires, pipes, and other electronics that have been discarded or no longer needed.

Summary Of Scrap Metal Laws In San Antonio

In San Antonio, laws regarding scrap metal must be obeyed for compliance with the city’s regulations.

The City of San Antonio’s mandate is clear: scrap metal dealers and recyclers must have a valid city permit if they want to buy and sell scrap metal.
It is essential to keep comprehensive records of every scrap metal purchase, including the individual weight and type of each piece. To ensure compliance with regulations, records associated with any sale must be retained for a minimum of three years.

Summary Of Scrap Metal Laws In San Antonio

Furthermore, all transactions must be completed with a valid ID provided by the seller and kept on record by either the dealer or recycler. For a proper transaction to take place, the seller must provide written confirmation that they are licensed and authorized to sell scrap metal. [2]

Cities In San Antonio With Best Scrap Metal Yards

To ensure you get the greatest bargains possible, here are a few of San Antonio’s premier scrap metal yards:

  • Boerne – This city boasts three premier scrap yards that provide San Antonio citizens with unmatched scrap prices. The top-rated yards are Boerne Iron & Metal, Jack Cooper Metals, and B&B Metals.
  • Live Oak – This city is home to two great scrap yards, namely Bay Coast Scrap Metal and Texas Recycling & Disposal Services, Inc. These two yards guarantee competitive prices for metal of all varieties and will even pick up your scrap materials at no cost!
  • Schertz – For those seeking the best scrap metal prices in San Antonio, this is an excellent (yet often overlooked) city. Hill Country Recycling, recognized for its excellence, offers a wide selection of services to meet your scrap metal needs.

How To Sell Scrap Metal In San Antonio

If you’re eager to earn a bit of extra cash, San Antonio is full of opportunities when it comes to selling scrap metal. Depending on the type of metals and your chosen marketplace, scrap metal prices may fluctuate significantly. With the right knowledge, you can masterfully turn your scrap into a lucrative income source. Here are a few useful tips for increasing your chances of success.

  • Identify Your Metal: The value of the scrap metal you possess is dictated by its type, ultimately deciding just how much money you will make from it.
  • Research Current Prices: Before you part with your scrap metal, get informed and investigate current market rates to make sure that you’re getting the best return on your sale.
  • Prepare Your Metal: Before you transport your scrap metal to the yard, ensure that it is ready in an appropriate fashion. Remove any dirt or debris and separate your metals so that they can be weighed and priced accordingly.
  • Know Where To Sell: Ensure you are aware of the ideal spot to drop off your scrap metal in San Antonio. With numerous scrap yards scattered throughout the city, it pays to do your due diligence in order to discover the locations where you can get top dollar for any metals you want to sell. [3]

Scrap Copper Prices In San Antonio

The cost of scrap copper in San Antonio can fluctuate based on numerous factors, such as market demand and supply of the element, as well as the condition and mass of your material. Copper is often melted down and sold to metal recyclers who may pay more or less than regular scrap prices. If you are looking to sell scrap copper in San Antonio, it is important to know what current market values are so that you can be sure you are receiving top dollar for your material.

Copper prices in San Antonio range from around $0.90-$2.50 per pound, depending on the grade and condition of the material.
Heavily oxidized or corroded copper is usually sold at lower prices, as it requires more work to refine and process. On the other hand, freshly stripped or newly harvested copper can fetch higher prices.

Scrap Aluminium Prices In San Antonio

For those in the San Antonio area looking to make a few extra bucks, aluminum scrap is an excellent option. Aluminum has a high recycling value and can be found in many items such as cans, siding, car parts and more. It is important to know the current prices of aluminum scrap before selling your metal.

Scrap Aluminium Prices In San Antonio

At San Antonio Iron & Metal, the current price for aluminum scrap is $0.24 per pound and $0.45 per pound for clean aluminum auto wheels (rims).

For those looking to sell bulk amounts of aluminum scrap, there is the option of choosing a “tote-bin” which can hold up to 1000 lbs of scrap. The current price for aluminum tote bin is $0.22 per pound. [4]


What is the highest-paying scrap metal?

In San Antonio, if you’re looking to cash in on scrap metal, copper is the way to go – it offers the highest payouts. Copper is considered the most valuable metal due to its exceptional ability to conduct electricity and heat, making it excellent for use in electrical wiring and radiators. In addition to being sought-after commodities, aluminum, brass and stainless steel are also valuable scrap metals.

How much is aluminum per pound in Texas?

Depending on the scrap yard in Texas, you may encounter varying prices for aluminum per pound. Generally, aluminum scrap metal prices in Texas reach up to $0.50 per pound and beyond. Texas is a major source of aluminum scrap metal due to its many auto wreckers and manufacturing plants that produce aluminum scrap. It is crucial to be familiar with local market rates and shop around so that you can buy the most affordable aluminum scrap.

Is there money in selling scrap metal?

Absolutely, profiting from scrap metal is a lucrative endeavor. San Antonio’s scrap metal industry is flourishing, with prices on a constant upswing and downslide depending on the swings of the market. If you stay informed of scrap metal prices in San Antonio, and know precisely when to sell, you can make the most out of your scrap-metal profits.

How much is stainless steel worth?

The worth of stainless steel scrap metal depends on many factors such as the grade of stainless steel, the condition of the material, and market demand. Generally, the higher the grade of stainless steel, the more valuable it is since it contains less impurities. The three most popular grades of stainless steel are 304, 316, and 410. Out of the bunch, 304 stainless is the go-to option due to its 18% chromium and 8-10% nickel content. Higher grades such as 316 and 410 contain more chromium and nickel, giving them greater corrosion resistance.

How many empty cans make a pound?

If you’re looking to get the most money for your scrap metal in San Antonio, it’s essential to be aware of each material’s weight. One common type of material being recycled is aluminum cans. Generally, it takes about 34 empty cans to make a pound.  Maximize your San Antonio scrap metal prices and make the most of this opportunity. When considering the pricing of other types of materials, it is important to know the weight that these materials typically have.

What metal is worth a lot of money?

Scrap metal possesses immense value and its worth is determined by the ever-changing market forces of supply and demand. Spanning from copper to stainless steel, San Antonio’s most sought-after metals are aluminum, brass and their alloys. Of all these metals, copper is the most sought after due to its widespread use in electrical wiring. Aluminum is an indispensable commodity, as it can be utilized for various items from construction materials to the components of automobiles. Brass is also valuable due to its versatility, strength, and ability to resist corrosion. Finally, stainless steel is highly sought after for construction projects because of its durability and resistance to rust.

What are the latest scrap prices?

Scrap prices in San Antonio fluctuate according to the global market, so it is important to stay up-to-date on current prices in order to get the best deal. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to stay informed about the latest scrap prices.

Does scrapping make good money?

The short answer is yes, scrapping can be a profitable side hustle or even a full-time job. The amount of money you make from scrapping metal is largely contingent on the specific type of metal and its current market price. In San Antonio, scrap metal prices are constantly changing and can differ dramatically depending on who you sell to. Generally, the most sought-after scrap metals are aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel. If you have access to large amounts of these metals, you may be able to make a good profit. In addition to the type of metal, the size and condition of the metal scrap also plays a role in how much money you can make.

What is the best thing to scrap for money?

If you’re looking to make some extra cash, ferrous metals such as iron and steel, non ferrous items such as brass and aluminum, along with copper are all highly valued for scrap. Everyday appliances like washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and ovens may include these metals in their construction.

What is the best thing to scrap for money?

Additionally, aluminum and brass items such as gutters, air conditioners, radiators, and copper pipes can also be a great source of scrap metal. Car parts, such as radiators, wheels, and engine blocks are also a great source of money when scraped. Finally, certain types of metal furniture like outdoor chairs, tables and patio furniture can also be valuable when scraped.

How many pounds of aluminum does it take to make $100?

Depending on the current scrap metal prices in San Antonio, Texas, it takes varying quantities of aluminum to accumulate $100. Currently, aluminum scrap is valued at $0.51 per pound, so it would take approximately 196 pounds of aluminum scrap to make $100. When it comes to scrap metal prices, they can vary drastically. To ensure you get a fair price for your aluminum scrap, always check with local dealers or browse online resources before making the sale.

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The scrap metal market in San Antonio is subject to the same global trends and fluctuations as the larger scrap metal industry. Understanding these factors can help buyers, sellers and recyclers better negotiate prices and make informed decisions in the scrap metal marketplace. Although San Antonio may be subject to slightly higher prices due to its proximity to Mexico, the region still offers competitive prices compared to other major cities in Texas.



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