Jacksonville Scrap Metal Prices
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Seeking top dollar for your treasure trove of scrap metal in Jacksonville? Unearth the latest rates for copper, aluminum, iron, and steel to transform your metallic gems into a shiny stash of profits!

Dive into the world of Scrap Metal Prices Jacksonville – your treasure trove for all things metal! With our pulse on the market, you’ll be equipped with real-time data and historical trends for each metallic gem. Don’t miss out on the gold mine, let us be your beacon on this swirling sea of valuable metals. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to fortune.

Selling Scrap In Jacksonville

Unleash your inner treasure hunter in Jacksonville! Transform that scrap metal into cash, but don’t forget the twist – some savvy recyclers might charge a fee for their services. Always keep an eye on possible costs to ensure your goldmine doesn’t turn into a copper pit.

Selling Scrap In Jacksonville

Discover the ever-changing world of scrap metal prices, influenced by the thrilling dance of market conditions, demand, and even the state of your scrap! Will rust and corrosion lower your treasure’s worth or will it stand strong in good condition? The journey awaits! However, don’t let yourself become completely overwhelmed. Allow us to be your guide as you navigate the world of scrap metal prices in Jacksonville.

Laws Guiding The Sale Of Scrap Metals In Jacksonville

Jacksonville has put in place a number of laws and regulations that oversee scrap metal sales. These laws are designed to protect and promote the safety, health, and well-being of all involved in a transaction.

Furthermore, all transactions involving scrap metal must comply with the laws and regulations of both state and city governments. The local laws dictate the kind of metals that can be sold, how they must be safeguarded and transported, as well as additional safety protocols.

Scrap metal dealers in Jacksonville must adhere to all state regulations pertaining to hazardous materials for the successful sale of their scrap metals. The safekeeping and discarding of hazardous materials that could be detrimental to both humans and the Earth must not be overlooked.

At last, a recycling fee is incorporated into all scrap metal purchases to benefit the environment. Before any scrap metal can be sold in Jacksonville, a fee must first be satisfied. [1]

Cities In Jacksonville That Have The Best Scrap Metal Yards

Jacksonville is a hub for scrap metal collectors, boasting numerous locations to get your hands on the valuable materials. To help you find the best scrap metal yards in the region, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most recommended vendors and their prices:

  • Downtown Jacksonville – Discover Jacksonville’s colossal hub for metal recycling, where an assortment of treasures like copper, aluminum, and steel awaits. Experience the allure of fluctuating prices, ranging from a mere $1.50, all the way to $3 per pound, in this haven for eco-friendly enthusiasts.
  • Arlington – Scrap metal yards in the area are known for their competitive prices and trusted reputation. A variety of metals, including copper, aluminum, and steel can be found here at very affordable rates – about $2.50 per pound for copper and only $0.80 per pound each for aluminum or steel.
  • Northside – Jacksonville’s scrap yards offer unbeatable bargains on metal recycling. Copper is an affordable investment at $1.75 per pound, while aluminum and steel can be snatched up for only half a dollar. [2]

How To Find Scrap Metal Prices In Jacksonville

Embark on the thrilling adventure of selling scrap metal in Jacksonville! Unlock the secrets of the fluctuating market prices by mastering the elements of material types, location, and seasonality. Become the scrap metal guru you were destined to be, and triumphantly claim the highest profits from your sales.

How To Find Scrap Metal Prices In Jacksonville

Gaining access to up-to-date scrap metal prices in Jacksonville is simple; all you have to do is peruse the internet. You can find accurate and up-to-date scrap metal prices on a wide variety of websites, such as Metal Recycling Centers and Scrap Dealers (MRCSD). Embracing a wide range of metals, these sites typically include copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and additional selections.

Average Scrap Metal Prices In Jacksonville

Discover Jacksonville, Florida – a bustling hub for US scrap metal, where prices defy competition! Driven by supply, demand, and the pulse of global markets, recycling gets a thrilling new edge in this sunny city.

Dive into the captivating world of metal selling, where ferrous metals like iron and steel can fetch around 6 to 8 cents per pound, while their alluring non-ferrous cousins, like aluminum and copper, can command $1 to $2.50 per pound.
Keep your eyes peeled for fluctuating market conditions that may send other non-ferrous metal prices soaring or plummeting.

Hey there, savvy scrappers! Before you haul your precious metal loot to a Jacksonville recycling center, don’t forget that scrap prices are a fickle game. Stay ahead of the curve and rake in the best deals by giving your friendly neighborhood scrap yards a call and snagging quotes straight from the source. [3]

Scrap Aluminium Prices In Jacksonville

The scrap aluminum prices in Jacksonville are affected by a variety of factors such as current demand, global markets and the quality of metal being recycled. Generally speaking, the price for aluminum scrap is higher when demand is strong and lower when there is an oversupply. It’s important to understand what type of aluminum you have before selling it as scrap.

Different grades of aluminum can have different prices, so it’s important to know the grading system for your metal before selling.
Also, don’t forget to check the current spot price of aluminum before selling as this will give you a more accurate idea of what your scrap is worth. If you have any questions about scrap aluminum prices in Jacksonville, be sure to contact a local recycling center for more information. Leveraging their unparalleled industry experience, they can guarantee that you will receive the most competitive price for your scrap aluminum.

Scrap Copper Prices In Jacksonville

When considering scrap metal values in Jacksonville, copper is undeniably the most precious commodity. Valuable copper can be found in a wide array of items, from household electricity cables to the pipes used for plumbing. As such, its scrap value makes it an attractive item for those looking to make some money by recycling.

Scrap Copper Prices In Jacksonville

Scrap copper prices in Jacksonville tend to be higher than those of other metals due to its high demand. Currently, copper is trading nationally at around $2.60 per pound. In comparison, aluminum scrap is currently trading at just under one dollar per pound in the United States. [4]


How much is scrap metal worth in Florida?

Depending on the metal type, scrap metal values in Florida may fluctuate. Prices for ferrous scrap, such as iron and steel, usually average around $90 per ton. On the other hand, non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum typically cost around $2 to $3 per pound. Also, be sure to research the current prices in your area as they can often change. It is worth noting that scrap metal prices are usually higher in the Jacksonville area than any other parts of Florida.

What is the highest-paying scrap metal?

In the bustling world of Jacksonville’s scrap metal scene, stainless steel reigns supreme as the top-earning contender. With its ever-changing worth based on variety and supply, the mighty metal can command up to $2.00 per pound for the sought-after 316 grade. But don’t discount the worthy adversaries – copper, cashing in at $1.50 per pound, and brass, reaching $1.00 per pound, who also make a dazzling impact in this lucrative marketplace. Discover the allure of aluminum, a sought-after scrap metal that can score a dazzling 75 cents per pound! Don’t miss out on the hidden treasures of iron and lead, whose prices dance between 10 to 50 cents per pound – making every scrappy find in Jacksonville a sparkling opportunity.

What time of year are scrap metal prices highest?

The cost of scrap metal is subject to the ebb and flow of market trends, as well as the availability of raw materials. Typically, scrap metal prices in Jacksonville reach the peak of their value when demand for recycled products such as copper and aluminum is at its highest. Manufacturers often turn to scrap metal during the end-of-year season, which causes prices of scrap metal to skyrocket. This is particularly true during the holiday season when demand for metals is at its peak. In addition, scrap metal prices will usually be higher in the spring and summer months due to increased industrial activity. It’s essential to keep in mind that the cost of scrap metal is subject to both supply and demand; thus, despite potential trends towards higher prices throughout a specific period, these amounts may still vary drastically from month-to-month.

What is the best thing to scrap for money?

Unearth treasure in your scrap by knowing which metal reigns supreme! In Jacksonville, copper takes the crown for a king’s ransom due to high demand and stable pricing. Don’t dismiss the riches of aluminum, brass, stainless steel, iron, or lead – they too can add gold to your hoard. Ultimately, the best option to make money through scrapping is by collecting and selling high quantities of metal that will yield you the highest return.

If you’re hoping to capitalize on scrap metal sales, understanding the current market prices in Jacksonville is essential.
Before you decide to offload your scrap metal, make sure to evaluate the current market values of different materials and metals. This will ensure that you get the best possible price for your items.

Can you get rich with scrap metal?

Many people often overlook scrap metal as an avenue to generate additional income. Although it may not be the most glamorous or thrilling line of work, collecting and selling scrap metal has the potential to make you wealthy. Jacksonville is a great place to capitalize on scrap metal prices, offering an incredibly lucrative opportunity for anyone looking to make the most out of their current market. Keeping up with fluctuating scrap metal prices is key to maximizing your profits.

Can you get rich with scrap metal?

Get the most bang for your buck by finding a trusted local dealer who can not only provide you competitive rates, but also give expert insight into which metals are currently fetching top dollar in the market.

Is there money in selling scrap metal?

Discover a treasure trove in your own junk! Unleash the potential of scrap metal and turn it into cash! Dive into Jacksonville’s bustling scrap metal market with your newfound knowledge and resources, and let the metal do the talking. There’s no better time and place to trade your scraps for riches. Before you hastily sell your scrap metal, it’s essential to be aware of the current market prices in Jacksonville. Jacksonville offers a world of opportunity for anyone with an eye on their wallet! With the proper research and resources, you can make money selling scrap metal in this city. Different companies offer different prices so take some time to shop around – it will pay off when you get the best deal. Put your skills to work and maximize profits while getting a fair price on your scrap metals today!

Do you need a license to scrap metal in Florida?

Absolutely! A valid license is necessary to scrap metal in the beautiful state of Florida. According to Florida Statute 567.073, anyone who collects or transports scrap metal for commercial purposes must obtain a valid license from their local enforcement agency prior to engaging in any activities related to collecting or transporting scrap metal. The requirements for obtaining such a license can vary depending on the jurisdiction, so it is important to check with your local enforcement agency for further details. Moreover, all scrap metal merchants must maintain meticulous records of every purchase and sale of scrap metal for at least three years.

What metal is worth a lot of money?

When it comes to scrap metal pricing, certain metals are far more valuable than the rest. Copper is one of the most sought-after metals, and its worth typically reaches up to $2 per pound. If you’re looking for a lucrative investment, consider metals such as brass ($1-2 per pound), stainless steel ($0.50-$1.40 per pound), aluminum ($0.35-$0.90 per pound) and lead ($0.20-$1pound). To get the most out of your scrap metal, it is essential to understand the current market value for each type of metal. Knowing this information will help you guarantee that you receive top-dollar for your material.

Does scrapping make good money?

With some effort and determination, scrapping metal can be an excellent way to generate supplementary income. Compared to other regions in the U.S., Jacksonville’s scrap metal prices tend to be notably more expensive due to market demand and the type of metal being sold. With a bit of investigation, you could uncover yourself making an impressive income from your scrap metals. Furthermore, Jacksonville provides a plethora of programs to assist its citizens in monetizing their scrap metal. These programs include tax rebates and incentives for recycling. Also, it is important to remember that scrapping metal may require a certain level of physical exertion and manual labor.

What metal makes the most money?

Market conditions will determine which metal is the most profitable to invest in. If you are looking to make a profit from scrap metal, copper is one of the most lucrative options, followed by brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Nevertheless, in certain scenarios, metals such as gold and palladium may be more valuable. To make the best investment decision, it’s essential to stay informed on current market prices and research which metal is right for you. Location is one of the deciding factors when it comes to scrap metal. Due to its temperate weather and close proximity to industrial centers, Jacksonville is an ideal location for finding certain metals that have greater recyclable value than those found in other regions.

Useful Video: How to recycle metal in Jacksonville Florida at Trademark Metals Recycling scrap yard.


The scrap metal prices in Jacksonville are determined by a variety of elements, including the type, amount and quality of metals being offered. Prices can be volatile depending on the current demand for scrap in the market. Before selling your scrap metal for profit, be sure to take into account all of the influencing variables at play. By doing this, you can optimize your profits and guarantee that you are extracting the utmost value from your scrap metal.


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