How Much Does a Metal Barn Cost?
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Metal barns are growing in popularity, due to their ability to withstand extreme conditions and cost-effectiveness when compared with conventional wooden structures. If you’re looking for a secure and economical option for your agricultural needs, then a metal barn may be the perfect solution. But how much does a metal barn actually cost? That depends on several factors such as size, design features, customization options, and more. In this piece, we will provide you with all the financial information necessary to make an educated decision on whether constructing a metal barn is ideal for your individual situation.

Quick Summary: Metal Barn Prices

The price of a metal barn depends on its size, features, and customization options. Generally speaking, small barns measuring 30×30 feet can cost anywhere from $7,500 to $17,000; medium-sized barns ranging from 50×50 to 60×60 feet can cost between $20,000 and $45,000; and large barns measuring 100×100 feet or more can cost up to $100,000. Additional features such as doors, windows, insulation, wiring, and other customization options can increase the total cost significantly.

When you are budgeting for your metal barn project, it is imperative to remember all the extra costs associated.

Steel Building Option Costs

When it comes to investing in a metal barn, the price tags can dramatically vary depending on size and features. Steel building materials cost, on average, between $15 and $20 per square foot – excluding labor costs. Applying specialty finishes like painting or staining may increase the cost to an additional $3-$10 per square foot. The cost of labor for constructing the metal barn will fluctuate, but typically falls somewhere between $2 to $4 per square foot. If you choose to hire a contractor for the job, total costs can range between $25 and $40 per square foot.

Steel Building Option Costs

When considering the cost of a metal barn it is important to consider additional features such as insulation, windows, doors, or any other extras that you might need. These features can add to the overall cost, but may also be necessary for your particular project and/or needs. Additionally, when considering the total cost of a metal barn it is important to factor in maintenance costs over time, as well as potential repairs or replacements down the road.

Overall, purchasing and installing a metal barn is an investment that, if done correctly, can provide you with a durable and versatile structure for many years to come. Despite the potential costs associated with purchasing and installing a metal barn, it is still often an economical choice when compared to traditional wood structures. To ensure that you are making a knowledgeable and informed decision, it is recommended to explore the possibilities available and obtain quotes from contractors for your project.

What Does a Metal Building Estimate Look Like?

The cost of metal buildings may fluctuate based on the scale, intricacy, and customization desired for your structure as well as who is providing the estimation. When budgeting for a metal building project, take into account the following expenses:

  • The base price – This is typically based on square footage (e.g. $25 per square foot). It will include the cost of the building itself as well as any associated materials and labor.
  • Additional features – This can be anything from doors, windows, insulation, framing, siding, etc. The cost of these features will be added to the base price.
  • Delivery fees – If you’re having the building delivered to your property, you’ll need to factor in delivery fees.
  • Installation – If you’re having the building professionally installed, there will be a cost associated with that. Charges for projects can span anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size and complexity of the installation.
  • Permits – Depending on your location and the type of building you’re having constructed, you may need to obtain a permit. The cost of this will be included in your estimate. [1]

What Affects Steel Building Price?

The amount you pay for a steel barn is heavily contingent on several components. These include size, building type, customization options such as insulation and doors, location, permitting fees and more.

Size is the most important factor to consider when it comes to the overall cost of a steel barn.
Obviously, larger structures will be higher in price than smaller ones. Due to the modular nature of steel building construction, larger buildings can be constructed much more quickly and easily than traditional wooden buildings, making them a popular choice for farm storage needs.

What Affects Steel Building Price?

The type of steel barn you choose will also influence its price. Options range from basic pole barns to free-standing structures with enclosed walls and roofs. The more features you add to the building, such as insulation, doors, windows and other customizations, the higher the cost will be.

The location of your steel barn is also important; construction costs can vary significantly from place to place due to local labor rates, materials and permits. Building in areas with a high cost of living will be more expensive than in rural areas, and certain permits may need to be acquired before construction can begin.

Metal Building Supplier Prices

When it comes to purchasing a metal barn, the cost will depend largely on your supplier. Metal building suppliers offer various packages that can range from basic structures with few extras to more complex and customized setups. Generally speaking, larger buildings with more features tend to have higher prices than smaller and simpler designs. Investment may also be contingent upon the kind of metal employed, number of doors and windows, insulation alternatives, as well as any exclusive features like skylights or shutters. It’s important to compare different suppliers in your area to get an accurate price estimate for the type of metal barn you’re looking for. Additionally, you may be able to save money by going with a kit version of the barn, which could require some assembly and installation on your part. [2]

Steel Building Costs Per Square Foot

When it comes to steel buildings, the overall cost is dependent on both the size and type of structure you settle for. From a mere $25 per square foot for an uncomplicated steel building to over $100 per square foot for intricate architectural gems like arenas or churches, the price of a steel structure varies drastically. When planning a budget for your steel building project, homeowners should allocate between $35 – $50 per square foot.

Moreover, the expense of your metal barn will be determined by other features like insulation and roofing material that you use as well as any extras or personalized modifications you may require. For instance, windows, doors and skylights will increase construction costs substantially. The complexity of your structure’s design will also influence the price.

The final cost of a metal barn is also dependent on installation costs and labor fees, as well as any applicable taxes or permits you may need. As such, it is best to get several quotes from local contractors for an accurate estimate of what it will cost to build your metal barn.

Types of Steel Barns

Steel barns come in a variety of styles and sizes. Prefabricated steel barns are the perfect solution for those in need of extra storage space, no matter how small. Larger steel barns are perfect for housing animals or agricultural equipment. Prefabricated steel buildings often have components that come pre-assembled, making construction quick and easy. Most steel barns are made with galvanized steel, giving them a long-lasting finish.

The cost of a metal barn depends largely on the size and type of building you choose. The most basic model typically starts at around $5,000 including delivery and installation. This includes a simple roof structure with minimal insulation. Structures that are larger in size or have additional insulation, windows, and doors come with a steeper price tag. Prices can easily top $30,000 for the larger models.

Types of Steel Barns

You should also factor in additional costs such as permits and installation if you choose to hire a professional contractor. If you’re looking for something truly custom, prices can be even higher. Be sure to budget accordingly and get multiple quotes from contractors before making a final decision. [3]

The Advantages of Steel Barns

Steel barns offer a number of advantages compared to other materials, such as wood. Steel barns are highly durable and resistant to the elements, making them impervious to things like rotting, warping, cracking, or shrinking due to moisture. In addition, steel barns don’t require frequent maintenance and can easily be repainted to keep the structure looking its best. Steel barns are also fire resistant, so they won’t be at risk of burning down in case of a fire. Finally, steel barns can provide more space than wood ones due to their larger ability to span wide distances without extra support.

On the other hand, there may be some disadvantages to steel barns. They tend to be more expensive than wood barns, and the installation process can also be more complicated. Furthermore, steel barns may not have as much of an aesthetic appeal compared to wood ones. Finally, if a steel barn is exposed to moisture for long periods of time it could rust and need frequent repairs or replacement.

Steel Barn Average Costs – Samples

Steel barns come in a range of shapes and sizes, each with its own cost.

The average price for a steel barn measuring 30×40 feet is around $14,000-$18,000.
This cost can go up or down depending on the size, features selected and complexity of installation. Generally speaking, larger buildings will cost more than smaller ones.

The cost of a 40×60 foot steel barn typically ranges from $20,000-$25,000. The price could increase if extensive customization is desired or the building has an unusually complex design. For example, adding additional windows and insulated walls can raise the price significantly.

Steel Barn Average Costs - Samples

If you’re looking for something larger, a 50×100 foot steel barn could cost between $40,000 and $60,000. This price range depends on the complexity of the structure and any customizations that may be added. [4]


Are barns expensive to build?

The cost of a metal barn varies depending on the quality of the materials used, as well as its size and complexity. Generally speaking, steel is more expensive than wood, but it is also more durable and requires less maintenance over time. The cost for a basic steel barn can range from $6 to $20 per square foot, while a more complex structure can cost upwards of $30 per square foot. Additionally, you may need to factor in the cost of a foundation and any labor costs associated with installation. Ultimately, the best way to determine your exact cost is by consulting a local contractor who specializes in metal barn construction.

How much does it cost to install a barn?

Building a barn can be an expensive endeavor, with installation costs varying greatly depending on the size of the structure and the materials used. Constructing a metal barn generally requires an investment of $7 to $25 per square foot in labor, complexity, and materials – depending on localized building codes. Factors like roofing, siding, and doors can also affect the overall cost of the installation.

How much does it cost to install a barn?

Additionally, permits may be required which can add to the total cost. When building a metal barn, it is important to consider other costs beyond construction as well. These additional costs could include site preparation (grading and leveling), insulation and ventilation, electrical services and plumbing fixtures, and painting or other finishes. The cost of these associated tasks can further increase the total cost of installation.

What is size pole barn most cost-effective?

When it comes to metal barns, size is a major factor that affects the cost. The larger the pole barn, the more expensive it will be. However, for most purposes, a pole barn that is somewhere between 12 feet and 20 feet in length is usually enough. That way, you can maximize your spending without compromising on quality or functionality. What’s more, constructing higher buildings necessitates a steeper investment in construction materials and labor – resulting in an even heftier price tag.

How do you insulate a metal building?

If you need to insulate a metal building, there are multiple solutions available. Depending on the finances and desired insulation level, spray foam insulation, fiberglass batts, rigid foam boards, and reflective foil-faced bubble wrap are all viable options. Spray foam insulation is the ideal solution for hard-to-reach spaces in your home, as well as providing an insulating layer of unsurpassed R-value protection. It is also quite easy to install, but it does come with a higher price tag. Although fiberglass batts are significantly less costly than spray foam insulation, they do not provide the same level of protection against air leakage or heat transfer. Rigid foam boards are an excellent choice when it comes to structural stability and can provide an even better R-value than fiberglass batts. Lastly, reflective foil-faced bubble wrap helps reflect heat from the sun, keeping your metal building cooler in the summer months.

What is the cheapest style of the barn to build?

One of the cheapest styles to build is a metal prefabricated barn, or steel pole barn. These barns are constructed using metal poles and metal panels that can be purchased in pre-manufactured sizes from local suppliers. They are relatively easy to assemble and require fewer materials than traditional wood structures, making them an attractive option for those on a budget. Additionally, metal barns are resistant to fire, pests, and other potential damage that could occur with wooden structures. The cost of building a metal prefabricated barn can range from $3,000 – $10,000 depending on size and materials used.

What is the cheapest way to build a barn?

Investing in a pre-made metal barn kit is the most cost-effective way to construct your new barn. Metal barn kits come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles and typically include all the necessary parts for assembly such as walls, doors, frames, roofing materials, fasteners and other necessary components. Metal barns are much cheaper than traditional wooden barns and are also much faster to build. Additionally, metal is much more durable than wood, making it an excellent choice for a long-lasting barn. Financially, investing in a metal barn kit may seem intimidating at first, yet it pays off exponentially over time due to its low maintenance needs and durability. Furthermore, building a metal barn yourself can save you even more money.

Do barns add value to the property?

The answer is yes—a metal barn can add value to your property for several reasons. It gives you more usable space, which in turn can give you the opportunity to do more with your property. Depending on the size and features of the barn, it can provide a great workspace or place to store items that would otherwise clutter up other areas of your home. Additionally, a metal barn can also add aesthetic value to the property as it often looks much nicer than its wooden counterparts. This can make it an attractive option for buyers if you ever decide to sell your home in the future. Finally, building a metal barn on your property may increase its overall value depending on the area that you live in. So, if you’re thinking of building a barn on your property, it may be worth considering whether or not it could add value to the overall property.

Is it cheaper to build a barn or buy a kit?

It’s generally cheaper to buy a metal barn kit and assemble it yourself, rather than hire a contractor to build from scratch. Ultimately, the price of your project will fluctuate greatly based on where you are located, the magnitude of the building, and any extras such as insulation or customization that you decide to include.

Is it cheaper to build a barn or buy a kit?

It’s important to obtain multiple quotes from different suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Moreover, it’s advantageous to read customer reviews in order to gain a deeper comprehension of others’ experiences while constructing their metal barns. Taking the time to thoroughly research your options can help you achieve the ideal equilibrium between quality and affordability for whatever it is that you need.

Is a wood or steel barn cheaper?

When it comes to barns, the age-old question of “wood or steel” is an important one. Which type of building material offers more value for your money? Wood barns tend to be cheaper upfront due to the lower cost of materials. However, they require a bit more maintenance than metal buildings and may need to be replaced sooner. On the other hand, metal or steel barns are more durable and require less maintenance over time. They also tend to last longer than wood barns, so you can get more value for your money in the long run. Ultimately, it depends on your budget and what type of structure best suits your needs. Regardless of which material you choose, make sure to consider the cost of installation and any additional features or accessories that you may need. This will help you determine which type of barn is the most cost-effective option for your needs.

What is cheaper, a pole barn or a metal barn?

When it comes to comparing the cost of a pole barn versus a metal barn, there are several factors to consider. Both options come with advantages and disadvantages that can affect their respective price tags. Pole barns are typically cheaper than metal barns initially because they are usually made from wood that is less expensive than steel. They are also quick and easy to construct since the building process does not involve welding or riveting. However, pole barns can be more susceptible to weather damage over time because wood is not as durable as metal.

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The price tag of a metal barn fluctuates depending on its size, the materials used to construct it, and where in the world it is being erected. Generally, a basic steel-framed barn with no insulation or other features will range between $7,000 and $20,000. A more deluxe structure could go as high as $50,000 or more. It’s important to have an accurate estimate of the cost before beginning construction. A qualified contractor can put together a comprehensive quote that will give you an idea of what it would cost to construct your dream barn. In addition, consider researching local building codes and other regulations in order to ensure your project complies with all applicable laws.



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