5 Best Metal Garden Hoses
5 Best Metal Garden Hoses
5 (100%) 2 vote[s]
Bionic Steel 75 Foot Garden
Brand Bionic Steel
Material Stainless steel
Item Weight 3 Pounds
Bionic Steel PRO Garden Hose
Brand Bionic Steel
Material Stainless Steel
VERAGREEN Stainless Steel Metal
Material Rubber
Color 25FT
Customers who viewed scriptract 100’304
Item Weight 10.28 pounds
Manufacturer Wentuo
TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose
Brand TheFitLife
Material Stainless Steel
Max Pressure 145 P/S

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When it comes to keeping your garden looking beautiful, a good hose is essential. Not all hoses are created equal, though, and it can be tough to know which one is right for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the different types of metal garden hoses available and help you choose the perfect one for your needs. We’ll also provide reviews of some of the best-selling models on the market today. So whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty hose that can handle any challenge or a lightweight option that’s easy to store, we’ve got you covered!

Bionic Steel 75 Foot Garden Hose 304 Stainless Steel Metal Hose

This Bionic Steel 75 Foot Garden Hose is perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors! Made of a stainless steel metal, it’s lightweight and very flexible, so you can easily move it around your garden without any trouble.

With a 75 foot length, you’ll have plenty of hose to reach every corner. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any rust. When you’re finished using it, simply coil it up and store it away in the included storage bag – it takes up very little space!
This hose is made of flimsy materials and will fall apart after just a few uses. You’ll be lucky if it even makes it through one season. And if it does break, good luck getting a refund or replacement because there’s no warranty. It also doesn’t deliver enough flow for larger gardens, so you might want to search for a better alternative elsewhere.

  • Extremely light;
  • Doesn’t kik;
  • Flexible;
  • Waterproof;
  • Easy to store;

  • Inadequate flow;
  • Bad build quality;
  • Comes with no warranty;
  • Has short lifespan;
  • Overpriced;

Bionic Steel PRO Garden Hose

Looking for a garden hose that’s easy to use and doesn’t kink? Look no further than the Bionic Steel PRO Garden Hose! Made of lightweight and flexible material, this hose is perfect for home gardens.

The inner diameter of 5/8 of an inch ensures a strong stream of water, while the easy-to-store design means you’ll never have to worry about where to put it when you’re done.
The Bionic Steel PRO Garden Hose is a sub-par product that actually got a lot of problems. The tiny valve opening’s diameter means that the water flow is terrible, and the warranty and customer support from Bionic are appalling. The worst part about this hose is that it isn’t crush resistant. It also has a crappy plastic cover over the joint which makes it leak a lot of water. Save yourself some trouble and get a better garden hose.

  • Lightweight and flexible;
  • Inner diameter of 5/8 of an inch;
  • Doesn’t kink;
  • Easy to store;
  • Perfect for home gardens;

  • Poor flow because of the tiny valve openings diameter;
  • Bad warranty and customer support from Bionic;
  • Not crush resistant;
  • Leaks;
  • Poor plastic cover over the joint;

VERAGREEN Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Looking for a durable and reliable garden hose? Look no further than the VERAGREEN Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose! This hose is made of 304 stainless steel, making it lightweight yet strong and resistant to hot temperatures. It’s also tangle-proof, so you can easily move it around your garden without having to worry about kinks or tangles.

Plus, it’s easy to transport and store, making it the perfect choice for those who are always on the go.
The VERAGREEN Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose is a sub-par hose that is more likely to leak than not. The 1/4 diameter opening results in low flow of water, while also being too small for most gardening needs, which makes it impractical.

  • Lightweight and flexible;
  • Made of a strong 304 stainless steel;
  • Tangle proof;
  • Easy to transport and store;
  • Can withstand hot temperatures;

  • May start leaking after some time;
  • Low flow of water due to the 1/4 diameter opening;
  • Small water capacity;

SCRIPTRACT 50’304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose

The SCRIPTRACT 50’304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use hose. It’s very lightweight and flexible, making it easy to maneuver, and comes with a great nozzle that makes watering your plants a breeze.

It’s also a great value for the price, making it a great option for budget-minded shoppers. Plus, it doesn’t tangle, so you can easily store it away when you’re done using it.
But we can’t go without mentioning the negatives, and this product does have them. The hose is made from cheap materials that are sure to fall apart quickly; it also has an end design which makes using difficult due its small openings making watering plants a real hassle.

  • Easy to handle;
  • Very lightweight;
  • Flexible usage;
  • Comes with a great nozzle;
  • Great value for the price;
  • Doesn’t tangle;

  • Doesn’t last for long;
  • Prone to leaking;
  • Bad end design;
  • Openings are too small;

TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose

Looking for a garden hose that’s easy to use and won’t kink? Look no further than TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose! This hose is lightweight and great for water flow, making it easy to use and perfect for any gardening need.

Plus, it can withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions, so you can count on it to perform in any situation. And best of all, the easy-to-connect design means you can take it with you wherever you go!
TheFitLife Flexible Metal Garden Hose comes with a plenty of shortcomings that you should keep in mind. The metal fittings promised to provide a stronger water pressure are actually quite flimsy, and the entire hose is vulnerable to leaks. The so-called stainless metal will definitely stain your hands. Additionally, it’s very expensive for the quality it offers.

  • Doesn’t kink;
  • Lightweight;
  • Great water flow;
  • Withstands harsh temperatures and weather conditions;
  • Easy to connect and carry;

  • Stains hands;
  • Water pressure is too low;
  • Vulnerable to leaks;
  • Too expensive for the quality it offers;

Buyer’s guide

Short Trivia About Metal Garden Hoses

Metal garden hoses are becoming more popular than ever before because they provide some distinct advantages over their rubber and plastic counterparts. Metal is durable, doesn’t kink as easily and can be easier to store for when not in use! But with all the different options out there it’s hard knowing which one will best suit your needs.

How long does a typical garden hose last? The average lifespan of a metal garden hose is about five years. If you take proper care of it and don’t leave it out in the sun or in extreme temperatures, it could last much longer.

When it comes to metal hoses, it’s usually the outer shell that consists of metal. The inner tube is typically made of rubber or PVC. This construction makes metal hoses more durable than rubber ones, but it also makes them a bit heavier.

Short Trivia About Metal Garden Hoses

Metal outer tubes are typically made of two different types of metal: stainless steel or aluminum. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Stainless steel hoses have a number of benefits over their aluminum counterparts. Stainless is less likely to dent or rust and it won’t get damaged by environmental factors like the elements; this means that your investment will last much longer than aluminum. Aluminum hoses are lighter weight and cheaper, but they’re not as durable as stainless steel and they can rust over time.

Some garden hoses are also made of brass. And if not, they will include at least some parts that are. Brass is a durable metal that doesn’t rust, but it’s also relatively soft. That means it can be more susceptible to dents and damage than either stainless steel or aluminum. [1],[2],[3]

When Would You Need to Use a Metal Garden Hose?

There are a few different situations when you might need to use a metal garden hose. If you have a lot of trees or plants in your yard, then a metal hose can help you reach all of them with ease. They’re also great for watering large areas like gardens or lawns. And if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, then a metal hose is a good choice because it can withstand extreme temperatures and won’t crack or break like a rubber hose might. [2],[3]

Benefits of the Metal Garden Hose Over the Rubber Garden Hose

A metal garden hose has a number of benefits over a traditional rubber or plastic hose. First, it is much more durable and will last longer.

Have you ever wondered why your rubber or plastic garden hose always seems to kink? If so, you’re not alone. Garden hoses are notoriously difficult to keep untangled, and even when you do manage to get them uncoiled, they often spring back into their original shape as soon as you turn on the water. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re trying to water plants that are located at the far end of the garden. Thankfully, there’s a solution: metal garden hoses. Unlike rubber or plastic hoses, metal hoses are much more flexible and less likely to kink. And, because they’re made of metal, they last for a long time, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often.

Majority of metal hoses are waterproof which makes them ideal for use in the garden.
They can withstand hot weather and direct sunlight without being damaged. This is in contrast to rubber hoses which can crack and split in extreme conditions.

Another one of the great advantages of metal garden hoses is that they can be used with a wide variety of accessories. Whether you need a hose nozzle for watering your plants or a hose reel to keep your hose tidy, there’s sure to be an accessory that’s compatible with your metal garden hose.

You also can extend or shorten a metal garden hose with ease. This is because they’re not rigid like rubber hoses, so you can simply adjust them to the desired length. This is extremely helpful if you have a large garden or if you need to water plants that are located in hard-to-reach areas. What’s more, metal hoses are often lighter than their rubber or plastic counterparts, making them easier to carry around the yard. Yes, they are more expensive but they offer many extra benefits in exchange for the money.

Finally, metal hoses are much more aesthetically pleasing than their rubber or plastic counterparts. If you’re someone who takes pride in your garden, then a metal hose will definitely add to its overall appearance.

Benefits of the Metal Garden Hose Over the Rubber Garden Hose

The only disadvantage of metal garden hoses, is their relatively small diameter, you won’t get as much water flow with them as with rubber and plastic hoses. [2],[3],[4],[5]

How to Safely Store the Metal Garden Hose?

The metal garden hose is a durable, but delicate item. If left in direct sunlight or heated up too much it can become brittle and cracked over time–so keep your hoses out of hot places.

It is also important to make sure that the hose is not kinked or twisted, as this can damage the hose over time.
When storing the hose, it is best to coil it loosely so that it does not become damaged. [3]

Guide on How to Take Care After a Metal Garden Hose

Now that you know the benefits of a metal garden hose, you may be wondering how to take care of it. Luckily, metal hoses are quite easy to maintain.

Pay extra attention to the condition of your garden hose- never use harsh chemicals or cleaners that are oils based on it. This could cause damage and render you with a rusting mess prematurely.

When not in use, store your garden hose carefully so that it does not get damaged. If you live with freezing winters and need to prevent the water inside from freezing during this time of year when temperatures are low–it’s best if you drain all the water inside your hose if you don’t want it to freeze and damage it from the inside.

If your hose does become rusty, there are a few things you can do to remove the rust. First, place in it a plastic or glass bowl, then fill it with an undiluted white vinegar to cover the whole hose surface. Then, let it soak for at least 3 hours and wipe the corrosion with a steel wool. Repeat this process until you get rid of all the rust. [7]

Now that you know a little bit more about metal garden hoses, let’s take a look at some of the best options on the market.

Features to Look For When Choosing a Metal Garden Hose

Now that we’ve gone over some of the best metal garden hoses on the market, let’s talk about what you should look for when choosing one for your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Hose Length

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a metal garden hose is the length. You want to make sure that the hose is long enough to reach all areas of your yard or garden.

Most hoses are available in 25-, 50-, 75- and 100-foot lengths.
If you have a small yard, a shorter hose will be just fine. But if you need to reach across your yard or water plants on both sides of your house, a longer hose will be necessary. Just be aware that the longer the hose, the heavier it will be when filled with water. [2],[3],[6]

Internal Diameter of the Hose

It’s also crucial to consider the internal diameter of the hose. The larger the diameter, the more water volume a hose can hold.

If you have a large garden or need to water a lot of plants at once, you’ll want a hose with a greater diameter.
A smaller diameter, on the other hand, may be preferable if you only have a little area since it will use less water.. Most garden hoses have a standard diameter of 5/8 of an inch, but they can range from 1/2 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. [2],[3],[6]

Hose Weight

Weight is also a factor to consider when choosing the best metal garden hose for your needs. Metal garden hoses are only slightly heavier than their rubber counterparts, and that added weight comes not from the metal but the rubber inner tube. However there are very lightweight options available on the market so if you have a large garden or prefer your job to be easier, pick one of these. [3]

Hose Pressure

The next factor you’ll want to consider is the pressure of the hose. Most hoses have a maximum psi, or pounds per square inch, rating. This is the amount of water pressure the hose can handle before it bursts. The average psi for most hoses is about 350, but some higher-quality options are rated for up to 400 or even 600 psi. If you live in an area with high water pressure, you’ll want to make sure your hose can handle it. [3]

Material of the Hose and Its Components

The material of the hose is also important to consider. Most metal garden hoses are made of stainless steel, which is durable and will not rust. However, there are also hoses made of other materials, such as aluminum or brass. These hoses may be less expensive, but they are also more likely to rust.

Components that come with hose can also be made of different materials. Some hoses come with a plastic or rubber sprayer nozzle, while others have a metal one. The material of the nozzle will also affect the durability of the hose, how leak-prone it is and how well it works.

Material of the Hose and Its Components

You shouldn’t forget about the inner shell materials either. Most metal garden hoses have a rubber, polyurethane or PVC inner liner. This is important because it helps to keep the water flowing through the hose and prevents leaks. Rubber tube liners are the most common type, as they are durable and flexible.

PVC is also a good option, but it has a shorter lifespan than rubber and polyurethane.

Fittings are another important component to consider. The fittings on the hose should be made of cast brass, as this will prevent rusting and leaking. Cast brass is also a very strong material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Be careful to not mix up these with stamped brass components which are much cheaper and provide less durability. [2],[3]

What Else Should You Consider Before Buying a Hose For Your Garden

Now that we’ve covered some general things to look for when choosing a garden hose, let’s talk about some specific features that can be helpful.

Resistance to Corrosion and Abrasion

One of the great things about metal garden hoses is that they’re resistant to corrosion and abrasion. This means that they’ll last longer than other types of hoses, and they won’t get damaged as easily.

It’s important to choose the material that makes metal garden hoses last longer and resist corrosion, making it easy to care for this type of hose when compared with other types that get damaged easily in harsh weather or environments where there is plenty of dirt being thrown at them every day. [2],[3]

Portability of the Hose

While not all metal hoses are the same in terms of portability, most of them are quite manageable. If you have a small yard or live in an apartment, you’ll want to take special care to choose a hose that is both lightweight and easy to maneuver. Some metal hoses even come with their own storage containers!

When it comes to portability, metal hoses definitely have the upper hand over their rubber counterparts. Rubber hoses are often quite heavy and can be difficult to maneuver, especially when they are full of water. Metal hoses, on the other hand, are much lighter and easier to control. This makes them ideal for small yards and gardens where space is limited.

One final thing to keep in mind when considering the portability of your hose is how easy it is to connect and disconnect from your water source. If you plan on moving your hose around frequently, you’ll want to choose a model with quick-connect fittings that make attaching and detaching a breeze. [2],[3],[4]

Reeling Options of the Hose

When it comes to hose reels, you have a few different options. The most popular type is the wall-mounted hose reel. These are great because they save space and can be mounted at any height. But it’ll force you to keep your hose in one place most of the time, although you are free to move it if you want to. You also have the option of the hand-held hose reel, which allows you to take your garden hose anywhere to the garden together with you.

No matter what type of hose reel you choose, make sure that it is made from durable materials that will withstand the elements. Also, look for a model that has an easy-to-use crank handle so that you can wind up your hose with ease. Trust us, you do not want to be struggling with a crank handle when your garden is already wet!

Plus keep in mind if the reel is large or small. If you have a long garden hose, then make sure the reel will fit it all. [2],[3]

Durability of the Hose

One more important aspect you need to consider is the durability of the hose. A lot of times, people think that because a metal garden hose is more expensive, it must be better quality and last longer. This isn’t always the case. You need to check for things like kinks or leaks. A good metal garden hose should be able to withstand corrosion, high and cold temperatures, as well as regular wear and tear.

Flexibility of the Hose

Another thing to think about when evaluating hoses is their flexibility. This may be something to consider if you have a big yard and need a simple hose that can reach all of your plants without causing you any problems moving around. Flexibility will also help prevent kinks from developing over time, which might result in injury caused by them getting tangled up or pulled on anything else nearby. [2],[3]

Make Sure Metal Hose Is Compatible With Different Accessories

One thing you don’t want to overlook is what kind of accessories are available for your hose. If you have a specific attachment in mind, like a sprinkler or nozzle, check to see that the metal hose you’re considering is compatible with it.

Make Sure Metal Hose Is Compatible With Different Accessories

It’s also worth checking to see if the hose comes with any attachments or if they need to be purchased separately. Sometimes, hoses will come with a few basic attachments that can be useful, like a spray nozzle or shut-off valve. [2],[3]


The price of a metal garden hose can vary depending on the quality of the materials used. Higher quality hoses will usually cost more, but they will also last longer and be more durable. When choosing a metal garden hose, it is important to consider how often you will be using it and what type of climate you live in. If you live in an area with harsh winters, you may want to invest in a higher quality hose that can withstand freezing temperatures. Price range usually starts from $20 and can go up to $200.

But don’t forget about warranty as a hose that is protected by one will save you both headache and money. The best thing about these metal garden hoses is that they come with a standard one year warranty, but there are some companies who offer longer warranties for an additional cost. Some warranties can even cover full 10 years! Make sure you know how long your specific manufacturer’s coverage lasts too so as not to get caught off guard in case anything should happen. [3]


How long should a garden hose last?

A garden hose should last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. If you take care of it and don’t leave it out in the sun or in freezing temperatures, it could last even longer.

What are the benefits of a metal garden hose?

There are several benefits of a metal garden hose. Metal hoses are a better choice than rubber ones because they’re more durable, flexible and resistant to leaks. They don’t melt or crack in extreme conditions like those with high temperatures that can lead you not being able to use your hose when it’s needed most. Metal garden hoses are also lightweight making them easier for carrying around your garden.

Do stainless steel hoses get hot in the sun?

No, stainless steel hoses will not get hot in the sun. They are made with a special heat-resistant material that allows them to withstand high temperatures without being damaged.

Is a metal garden hose the most durable type of garden hose?

Yes, garden hoses made of metal are the most durable hoses out there. Metal hoses are more resistant to kinks, punctures, and abrasion than rubber or vinyl hoses. They are also less likely to leak at the connections.

What are the disadvantages of a metal garden hose?

The main disadvantage of a metal garden hose is its price. Metal hoses are more expensive than rubber or vinyl hoses. They also have a smaller inner diameter, which can make it more difficult to water plants with a metal hose.

Useful Video: Top 5 Best Metal Garden Hose | Metal Garden Hose Reviews 2020


So, what’s the verdict? If you want a lightweight and flexible garden hose that will never rust, go for a metal garden hose. They come in a variety of lengths and widths, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. Be sure to consider weight, price, diameter, flexibility, rust resistance and reeling options before making your purchase. After checking out all of these factors before making your decision, and don’t forget to check out our top five picks for the best metal garden hoses!


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