5 Best AR-15 Brass Catchers
5 Best AR-15 Brass Catchers
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Feyachi Brass Shell Catcher
Ideal For Reload Ammunition
Velcro Strap Design. Easily Attaches To Rifle Barrel
Heat Resistent. 45° Right Side Wire Frame
Caldwell Brass Trap With Heat Resistant Mesh
Heat Resistant Mesh
Designed For Use With Rifles And Pistols
Use On Bench Top Or Attach To Any Tripod
Marmot Brass Shell Catcher
Nylon And Heat Resistent Mesh
Install On Barrel Compactly With Flectional Loop Ban
Captures And Holds Ejected Object Almost 30 Rounds
HooGou Ammo Brass Shell Catcher
Holds 60 Shell Casings
Hook And Loop Band Made Of High Density Soft Nylon
Quickly Attaches, Fully Adjustable
AR-15 Ammo Brass Shell Catcher
Holds 60 Shell Casings
20 Mm Rail Forearm Of Any AR-15
Zippered Bottom Allows You To Empty The Bag

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53.92% of users selected Feyachi Brass Shell Catcher, 20.59% selected Caldwell Brass Trap With Heat Resistant Mesh, 1.96% selected Marmot Brass Shell Catcher, 3.92% selected HooGou Ammo Brass Shell Catcher and 19.61% selected AR-15 Ammo Brass Shell Catcher. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Sports or tactical shooting always requires special attention to the condition of the weapon and its accessories. The modern market offers many different add-ons for your favorite AR-15 rifle, which is one of the most popular examples of versatile arms. In this article, we are comparing the characteristics of one of the most underrated accessories for this type of firearm — the brass catcher.The cartridge case holder is used for shooting without a trace at various targets without disturbing the cyclic movement and without interfering with the movement of the shutter.

The key considerations when choosing a brass catcher are:

  • Bag volume. Modern brass holders differ in volume, and, therefore, in the number of cases that can hold;
  • Bag material. Thanks to the use of the most modern materials, high strength, heat-resistant and shape-retaining, it is possible to achieve the maximum comfort of the shooter;
  • Versatility. Modern breaststroke holders can be attached to a wide variety of weapons, so their functionality is not limited to AR-15 rifles;
  • Ergonomics. To increase the shooter’s comfort, zippers, mesh holders, and comfortable mounting fasteners are used that release the sleeves with one click.

Feyachi Brass Shell Catcher

Feyachi Brass Shell CatcherIt is easy enough to save on the brass components of the weapon kit by installing on your rifle a case catcher from the famous world manufacturer. The high-quality material brass catcher is stiffer than other brands so that stuck brass sleeves don’t twist the frame, which ensures excellent stability of the rifle without pushing or jamming.

The zip fastener at the bottom of the mesh bag allows for quick and efficient emptying of the catcher. Upgraded heat resistant mesh completely prevents hot brass from abrasion and melting when ejected. The Velcro strap is easily installed on the rifle barrel, and thanks to the hook and loop made of soft high-density nylon, it doesn’t interfere with the optics at all, regardless of the type of installation.
The manufacturer provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee — 30 days money-back guarantee and 12 months guarantee for stable and trouble-free operation. Also, all owners of this product will have around-the-clock responsive technical support services.


  • Saves money on brass gear components;
  • Stiff spring to secure the bag securely and stably on the rifle;
  • High-quality heat-resistant material to prevent fusion;
  • Universal Velcro strap design provides fastening versatility;
  • 30 days money back and 12 months product warranty.


  • Limited time warranty;
  • Quality issues;
  • Too tight mounting;
  • Causes jams.

This model of the brass catcher is perfectly suitable for the AR-15 or AR-10 rifles, but for other rifles, the fastening mechanism may be too narrow, which can cause excessive stress on the fabric, and, as a result, mesh breaks.

Caldwell Brass Trap with Heat Resistant Mesh

Caldwell Brass Trap with Heat Resistant MeshIf you are tired of sifting through the grass looking for brass shells every time you visit the range, then you are finally saved. Look no more — a specialized catcher from the world’s most famous manufacturer will do it for you. Designed specifically for catching brass cases in most conditions, styles, and fits most weapons.

The catcher can be installed on a bench next to the rifles or attached to the rifle itself. At the same time, the design of the mesh bag allows wind to pass through, which has a positive effect on the temperature level. The moment the shooting is over, open the zipper to pull out the patch and transfer it to the ammo bag by simply pulling on the zipper.


  • Extremely compact when folded;
  • Easy to use even for beginners;
  • Versatile to mount, making it perfect for a variety of rifles and pistols;
  • Mountable on a tripod;
  • Very durable — made of heat-resistant nylon, it perfectly withstands the high temperature of flying out casings from prolonged bursting;
  • Convenient to carry.


  • Poor stitching;
  • Quality issues;
  • Some models come with torn;
  • Construction issues.

This is an excellent case catcher when used with sniper rifles due to its increased volume and the ability to quickly fold the nylon bag to pocket size.

Marmot Brass Shell Catcher

Marmot Brass Shell CatcherHigh-strength nylon casing mesh is a great addition to your shooting arsenal, providing ample space for brass casing in a wide variety of field and sporting conditions. Thanks to the patented 45-degree brass catcher wireframe, the bag guarantees the collection of the fired cases without interrupting the firing cycle.

A heat-resistant mesh catches and retains 30 discarded brass casings. Lightweight design with padded front and back allows cold air to blow through the mesh and cool discarded liners. Easily mounts to the rifle barrel with a soft high-density nylon hook and loop.

The lightweight shell keeps items in place and can be removed quickly to clear jams or other cleaning problems.

The zipper at the bottom of the mesh bag allows the convenient and safe transportation of the brass sleeve shells.


  • Patented 45-degree mesh for mesh attachment;
  • High resistance to overheating;
  • Compactness and portability;
  • Easily fits most automatic rifles;
  • A lightweight shell guarantees the shooter’s comfort;
  • Convenient zipper for releasing sleeves at the bottom of the bag.


  • Quality issues;
  • Creates mess;
  • Often jams;
  • Cause malfunctions;
  • No manufacturer’s warranty.

Extremely handy case catcher that performs well in all weather and tactical conditions. Purchase this model if you want to complement your shooting arsenal with a functional accessory that will significantly increase the comfort of sports and trap shooting.

HooGou Ammo Vrass Catcher Mesh Trap

HooGou Ammo Vrass Catcher Mesh TrapAn excellent model of the 223 caliber brass catcher. Attaches conveniently to the pistol fore-end with a functional and durable Velcro strap. Perfectly grips discarded brass. Completely prevents scattering of brass around the firing point. Perfectly prevents hot brass from hitting the shooter or other people near the shooting area.

The wireframe perfectly holds the fabric in the correct shape, allowing the brass to penetrate the bag, preventing the bolt from moving or interrupting the firing cycle. The bag has a convenient zipper at the bottom of the mesh bag makes it easy to empty.

This model is fully compatible with most of the AR/LR-308 models. Easily installs anywhere on the rail, easily lifts up to the back of the handguard with a dedicated rail.

The hook-and-loop strap, made from soft, high-density nylon, easily attaches to the barrel of these rifles, allowing the brass to be held in place, and is quickly removed to further eliminate jams or cleaning problems.

Extremely quick to attach to the weapon, easy to adjust, and ideal for a wide variety of forend sizes.

The bracket has several main fixing points to accommodate different gun thicknesses. This will not interfere with the cycling of the weapon, easily holding up to 60 casings.


  • Fully compatible with most AR/LR-308 rifles;
  • High-density nylon withstands high temperatures and doesn’t tear even under extreme stress;
  • Fully adjustable to meet weapon requirements;
  • Several different locations for closing the bag guarantee the comfort of emptying the sleeves;
  • Holds up to 60 large caliber cases;
  • Convenient zipper for quick opening of the bag.


  • Not sturdy enough for semi-auto rifles;
  • Quality issues;
  • No manufacturer warranty.

An excellent all-round catcher for large capacity brass catchers. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies in terms of creating a heat-resistant material, it easily withstands liners heated to extreme temperatures.

Aimfiree Ammo Brass Catcher

Aimfiree Ammo Brass CatcherThe latest model of a case catcher from the world’s leading manufacturer, easily accommodating 60 cases. Thanks to the comfortable zippered bottom, it is easy to empty the bag without removing it from the rifle. The 20mm forend guide, compatible with AR-15 rifles, extremely reliably keeps the safety device from the weapon.

Easy to install, keeps empty sleeves securely free of dirt and soil, preventing hot brass from getting into people around the arrow.

The thick wireframe easily holds the sleeve catcher hole in the correct position for function. Due to the ergonomic design, it allows you not to pay attention to the ejection of brass at all, without interfering with the operation of the rifle.


  • The volume of the catcher allows holding up to 60 brass;
  • Quick emptying of the bag is guaranteed by a convenient zipper;
  • 20mm rail perfectly keeps the safety catch from the bolt of the weapon;
  • The case catcher is easily installed on most types of rifles;
  • Prevents the ingress of earth, dirt, and hot brass on people around;
  • The robust wire frame keeps the catcher firmly in shape regardless of the number of brass in the bag.


  • No manufacturer warranty;
  • Not convenient to use with a telescopic sight;
  • Installation issues.

This model of the case catcher is extremely spacious, so it will be an ideal addition to the shooting arsenal of big fans to release several clips at the stands.

The Buyer’s Guide


The capacity of the brass catcher is a key characteristic because the volume of the bag and the convenience of the shooter during shooting depend on it. If the bag is too compact (holds up to 30 brass), then it will have to be emptied periodically. In this case, manufacturers should be more concerned about the availability of convenient zippers for timely emptying of the catcher.

If you are a big shooting lover and spend a lot of time on the range, then be sure to try using a larger case bag. Due to its volume, you only need to empty it after shooting several rounds of cartridges in a row, which is extremely convenient for tactical training.


Most of the brass catchers listed are made of nylon. It is additionally strengthened with the help of heat-resistant impurities, which increase the resistance to heating from incandescent catchers and prevent its deformation due to high temperatures.

Most manufacturers try to pay special attention to the structure and quality of the material since the strength of the bag and its protective functions depend on this aspect — none of the shooters wants to see hot casings fall on it, or so that they fly around.

Mount type

The listed types of brass catchers are perfectly compatible with AR-15 rifles and some other models. Nevertheless, most catchers will be an excellent choice for this particular rifle, because they are made with special mounting frames to attach them right to the rifle body, providing completely free movement of the rifle bolt during firing.

If you decide to use the case catcher with other rifles — go for it, but in this case, you may be disappointed. Pay attention to the fact that large brass bags are poorly compatible with optical sights, as they interfere with its installation due to their size. Also, be careful when installing the catcher — it must be securely fixed in place since if it disconnects during firing, you risk losing all the casings or getting burned on some.

Extra features

The brass catcher is an extremely versatile and convenient device that will help you out if you don’t want to clean up dozens of spent cartridges after visiting the shooting range. When purchasing, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The presence of a convenient zipper for the release of cases. A key aspect of the bag’s ergonomics;
  • Frame to keep the shape of the mesh. An important parameter in view of the requirements for the versatility of the bag — it must maintain its shape regardless of the number of the brass inside;
  • Secures at a convenient distance from moving parts of the rifle. A very important parameter, since some bulky bag models can impede the free movement of the bolt when firing, making continuous fire difficult.


Are brass catchers worth it?

Yes, brass catchers are definitely worth it. They help keep your shooting area neat and tidy and make post-shooting cleanup a breeze. Not only do they save you time, but they also protect your face and eyes from any stray pieces of hot brass that may fly out during firing. Many people also appreciate the extra safety factor they provide in case there is a misfire or malfunction while shooting. So if you’re looking for an easy way to speed up clean up and enhance safety at the range, investing in a brass catcher is certainly worth it.

What is the purpose of a brass catcher?

A brass catcher is a device that attaches to the ejection port of an AR-15 rifle or another firearm. It’s designed to capture the empty shell casings from the gun when it is fired, preventing them from flying off and potentially causing injury or damage. The brass catcher also helps keep your shooting area cleaner and safer by collecting all of the spent shells in one convenient place. Brass catchers are made out of metal mesh material, usually aluminum, and can be easily attached to the ejection port with velcro straps or zip ties. They come in different sizes and styles to fit various types of firearms, so you should make sure you get one that fits yours correctly. With a brass catcher attached, your shooting experience will be safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable.

Are brass catchers illegal in California?

Technically, brass catchers are not illegal in California. However, each city has its own regulations regarding the use and ownership of such devices, so it’s important to double-check your local laws to make sure you comply. Generally speaking, brass catchers are allowed in public places as long as they don’t interfere with other individuals or activities taking place. It’s also a good idea to check with the range before using one. Some ranges may have their own policies that prohibit certain devices like brass catchers while shooting. Ultimately, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when dealing with firearms and all associated items like brass catchers. Be sure you know and understand any applicable rules in your area and act accordingly. This will ensure that you are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

What are the advantages of using brass catchers?

Using a brass catcher for reloading can be really beneficial. For starters, it helps keep your workstation clean from all the ejected casings. You don’t have to worry about picking up every single piece of brass after you finish shooting.

It also saves you time since you won’t need to search for each and every piece of ejected brass that is scattered around. Plus, a brass catcher is much easier and faster to use than having to manually pick up the pieces.

If you’re in competitive shooting or if accuracy is important to you, having a brass catcher can make sure that each round gets exactly where it needs to go – right back into the action! This ensures that no rounds are lost and that all rounds are reloaded with the same degree of accuracy.

Finally, a brass catcher also ensures that you never have to worry about accidentally shooting someone else’s rounds – you can be sure that each one is from your own ammo supply! Plus, it can help protect you and your gear by collecting any hot casings that may ricochet off walls or other surfaces.

Overall, a brass catcher can make reloading easier, safer, and more accurate – ensuring that every round is exactly where it needs to be!

What are the disadvantages of brass catchers?

Despite their advantages, brass catchers have a few disadvantages. For one, they can be bulky and can weigh your gun down, making it more difficult to maneuver and aim. Additionally, the bag on the end of the rifle will cause drag while you’re shooting, which could decrease accuracy. Also, brass catchers may interfere with some optics or sights as they take up space that would normally be unobstructed. Finally, some shooters report that despite having a catcher installed on their rifle, ejected shells still manage to escape from the bag and scatter around them. While this occasional problem may not be an issue for everyone, it is something to consider before investing in a brass catcher for your particular firearm.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to keep your range clean and free of spent brass, a brass catcher is an invaluable accessory that can save you money in the long run. However, be sure to evaluate how it will affect the performance of your rifle and whether or not occasional shells may still escape. With this information in mind, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether or not a brass catcher is right for you.

What makes a good brass catcher?

When shopping for a brass catcher, the most important features to consider are quality and durability. You want something that will not break after just a few uses and will be able to handle the recoil from your weapon. You’ll also want it to have plenty of room for storing spent cartridges, as well as a snug fit so they won’t fly out with each shot. Make sure you get one with good ventilation, so your brass doesn’t overheat or suffer damage during storage. Finally, check that the bag is made of sturdy material like canvas or leather and has adjustable straps so you can customize its fit to your firearm.

How do you attach a brass catcher to your rifle?

Attaching a brass catcher to your rifle is a fairly straightforward task. You’ll need the appropriate mounting hardware for your particular make and model of gun, as well as the actual brass catcher itself (if you don’t already own one). Once you have these items, simply follow these steps:

  1. Mount the bracket onto your rifle according to the instructions included with it. Most brackets mount just behind the ejection port on either side of the action.
  2. Securely attach the brass catcher onto its mounting bracket using bolts or screws; this will usually require an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Ensuring that it’s mounted securely is important, since otherwise it may dislodge under recoil and interfere with cycling rounds in some guns.
  3. Make sure the brass catcher is set up so that ejected brass will be directed downward into it, instead of flying off in any unintended directions.
  4. Check to make sure everything is mounted securely and no loose parts are dangling from your rifle before firing!

Once you’ve attached your brass catcher, you’re ready to hit the range and start collecting those spent casings for reloading or other projects. Enjoy!

Useful Video: Amazon Brass Catcher Review!

Final Thoughts

The case bag is an extremely convenient and ergonomic addition to your AR-15 rifle. Thanks to its presence, you no longer need to worry about randomly flying out casings, as well as their temperature — thanks to its reliability and spaciousness, they will fold right into the bag, preventing damage to the experience of sports and clay target shooting. The ideal solution for increasing your comfort level during your favorite activity — target shooting right on target.

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